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quote 1:
"A man can only know fear when the booming guns and screams of war plague his nights.
A man only knows fear when an unrelenting,screaming mass of many beasts is ripping at him, trying to terr him apart like a wet tissue.
A man only knows fear when the precise stabs and slashes of a psy-blade cuts at his body and mind.

And a man that knows to respects fear, is one that survives to win the battle at hand and live another day."
- Commander Mathew Baksmen

quote 2:
"Though my marine regiment is accustom to fighting the protoss, we still cannot forget the battle crys from the zealots, and the scream of the many warriors who die in mid warp when their parent pylon is blown to a billion shimmering pieces."
- General Anton B. Williams

quote 3:
"There lives may be for aiure, but our bullets are for them"
- General Mark "Pylon Crusher" Sampson

quote 4:
"May your blades bring swift death to your foes and may your shields spare you harm.
The power of the Khala is our true weapon, and it will not pause for our whimpering enemies."
-Executer Mal'Doran

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