This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread#2(RP)

Joeyray's Bar
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" " That is no.3, head over there!
The Medivac has come. I got a 16. But, since this is the FIRST move, I'm making it a 15. We arrive in a tropical forest, near an ocean.
The above link is the MENU. Use it when ordering. Suggestions of the menu page would be appreciated!

" "
There's no.1!

Please read the 1st before posting on the 2nd. Thank you.
For the newcomers, type your Race (allegiance), Type (unit), and Name (do I need to say it?).
1/2 hr, 2 pages! Decent. NicktheMan and MockingJay are moderators. I ask that you keep it Protoss free, . Generally, keep it moving and peaceful :)
If you enter gracefully, with a backstory, and use basic grammar, you will start with a Credit bonus, based on how well the entry was.
-1 credit for each tree destroyed in a row, beyond 3.
+X Credits, for using dice occasionally, and generally moving things along, keeping da peace. Ask if you wanna buy something, with your credits.
If you do not either a-pay Joey for renting a room at the bar, b-buy a house, or c-share someone elses house (preferably Medium or above, for personal hygiene issues), you will lose some hp. Staying at Joey's costs, 10 credits/night avg income=50/creds night.
If I do not say anything about extra credits, add 50 to your credit count.

The Official channel is now "Mage's Creed!"
PwnageElite's Artifact's Prophecy.
...He deciphers the code. it says," There are others like me. Find us, and the sun's champion shall tell all."
HINT: Forest, Beach, Tomb, Altar, Oasis.
That is the prophecy, Better than Zeratul's, amirite? :)
Current placement, no.2 in top 10.
no.1 is in fifth. Go us!
is this the 2nd 1
Dylan the Chrome and orange constantly beaten up self consious speedling is back!
Good I'm Adun the one like entaro adun
Please stop posting so much :) Use the "edit" Feature.
*Dylan buys a probe pet from the recemendtation of nodoby!

hes trying to teach it to generate lazer shields
i just found and read through all 26 pages of the previous thread, and LOVE the roleplaying yall are doing.

Venom, Protoss, Archon
Hi! does anybody have a pylon pumper scince that's protoss drink
Vultureling and jay stayed. They will come back when we finish healing my character. In the meantime, Joey says ," Oh, hey there! What can I get cha (yes, cha)?"
venom looks you up and down contemptuously.
"I'm sorry sir... but the only liquid i consume is PURE ENERGY!"
pylon pumper plz. Venom you're an archon? cause an archon was in control of the mothership that sucked me through time
vultureling can we add a battle thingy like u roll a dice and if 1-3 u hit the opponent 4-6 you miss and get hit loose 1/3 hp divided by armour or sumthing... i dunno but i reackno that would be cool yet hard 2 manage
Catalouge.. That would be a bit too hard. We use basic dice-rolling (Set something for 106, roll it, see what you get), but not that kind of thing :)
we shuld make an other thread specially for that if we had a helpfull non trollin comunity (which we mostly do) coz that idea really makes me giddy

yes i kno its to hard but still it jsut suonds soooo coool

nearly 1 page in 6 minutes lol
is venom a false name and your real name is Steve, cause steve was the archon
Cultian! again, use the Edit feature!!!!!
Joey serves up a glass of something to Venom. "Drink this." He says.
*sigh* soon this thread will be noticed again.
oh uh I have to go my moms saying it's bedtime bye!
who wants to play a dice game of poker with me? Il use edit to explain rules if any1 does

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