This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread#2(RP)

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(is anyone there?)
im protoss lol, an archon remember? and im back to normal now, the huge masses of psi cherries shadow led me to calmed me down, although you still cant tell if i was corrupted or if i was just trying to stop vultureling from getting it.
TYO was secretly been following Vultureling underground. He was not any ordinary roach. He was the last of his brood. The Fangblood brood... the only brood to have successfully fused a mutalisk and a roach together. His orders, to steal the powerful artifact located in this planet and bring it back to his new master... the new Overmind. TYO burst through the ground, with his newly emerged mutalisk wings emerging for the first time, attempting to steal the artifact. (Dice roll! 1-3 I miss the artifact and decide to stop chasing Vultureling, 4-6 to miss the artifact and continue chasing Vultureling, or 7-10 to snatch the artifact and dive back underground. I roll a 4.) TYO misses the artifact, but continues to rapidly chase Vultureling.
(EDIT: AHH, you guys write to fast! This was supposed to happen before Vultureling lands.)
Venom why were so crazy about Vulture's artifact?
The artifact........................................................................... I cannot tell you. There are some secrets that must remain hidden. Only know this: That artifact is most likely the most dangerous thing on this entire planet. I have to get to it before Vultureling accidentally unlocks its powers and unleashes a nightmare on all of us.
I have been trying to find out all i can about the artifacts. I've heard rumors about an artifact that can tear apart planets don't tell me that it isn't just a rumor.
TYO unborrows in front of Shadow.
"It's not a rumor. Vultureling servers the dark voice now... we must stop him."
How can we be sure he serves the dark voice?
Vultureling and summit converse.
"If you truly wish to annihilate me, TYO, You will have to do better than that.." Vultureling psionically says.
Jem finally decides to try and help Vultureling over his brethren and moves to find him
We r Cortexing-expect a summary "soon".
Nothing happened.
Satyric, Zerg, Infestor.

Vultureling is being manipulated, this is not anything normal.
Shadowling wakes up from his artifact-induced sleep, wings, fully grown, but he notices that his old part of the artifact was gone. In the remains of his egg he sees the other peice of the artifact on the ground covered in his (slime?). He is very happy that nobody found it and, having picked up a small amount of the alien script he reads 'He who.... the power of... artifact... power beyond imagining... doom... protoss...' and Shadowling (having absorbed some of the living essence in the artifact) detects the presence of another peice of it. He jumps into the air and flies towards it.
Wow, i missed a lot...

Jake re-enters the Bar, wondering what is going on. By reading everyone's mind, he finds out that there is.... a psionic zergling? He prepares for the worse. Jake turns on his plasma shield and charges up his phase disruptor...
(cortex was a fail)

im still trying to find him
Zerrox tells Vultureling,

"The others distrust us, it is unclear who is on our side. Some even believe that you serve the Dark Voice."
Excuse me "Jem" but who is this "Vultureling"?
"Also, we can expect Shadow to aid us where needed, he helped us slow Venom in his pursuit of us."
There is a-no airport, and b-We are far, far away.
"very well." Vultureling replies to Summit.
"We must find the pieces, and quickly!" He says. Then, he gets into his Corsair, and flies off, in pursuit of the elusive Artifacts.
Jake, confused, decides to follow them in his shuttle

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