This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread#2(RP)

Joeyray's Bar
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Catalouge..focus on rp! We're in a new, lush, tropical world!
i drink what i am given, although reluctantly. I dont bother to answer you cultian, muttering under my breath "what kind of archon would be named steve"
You instantly feel powerful! Mighty! Amazing! You are..SUUUPER VENOMMMMM!!!!1!!
joey asks my pet if hed like anything, several sparks harmlessly come out of its taser as it tries to respond. Dylan jsut askes for 2 shots of brandy
i feel blasts of psionic force rippling through my body. although my entire existence has consumed more energy than a star, i have never felt such raw power
lush tropical world lol???
i proceed to obliterate several lush, tropical trees standing nearby. POOOOOOWWWWWWWEERRRRR........ OVVVVVERRRWHEEEELLLLLMIIIING
yes Catalouge. PERFECT place for a bar! RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF AN INHABITED TROPICAL PLANET, FULL OF *spoiler alert* ****** *** ****!!!!
well im going for a walk in my supa sexy chrome armour and shiny orange claws thru the forrest. i have to look for apartments aswell =/
Your old apartment is there. It is decked out with colorful plants and flowers, though.
venom feels drunk on newfound power and decides to go find some bad guys to roast. he also decides to obliterate every tree in his way, just so he doesnt have to waste time walking around them
i lied earlier i didnt have an apartment.i was living in the back of the bar but joeys had enough.

is this planet zerg infeted btw?
vemon..the power wears off. You don;t THINK it's infested.
this sint gonig to end well then*

Dylan is walking deeper and deeper oblivious to the eyes wathcing him. his probe begins to chirp and dance
(vult, where are you in previous planet??)
I aint off that dust ball yet.
I am at the old bar. Jay is..waiting on Jay, actually.
vulture gimmie a roll plz, will iv get ambushed and hurt 1-3 or escape withouth damage 4-5 or 6 as jsut awierd feeling , nothing interesting happened =/

6, nothing happens... probe does however found a small patch of minerals and feasted on them

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