This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread#2(RP)

Joeyray's Bar
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We are so far away, Ducks, you'd have to be able to see 50+ miles away.
Zerrox transforms back into the Phoenix Pilot and boards the Phoenix and flies off after Vultureling.

"Please slow down I can't keep up" Zerrox's voice says on Vultureling's Corsair comm-link.
(Duckz we leaft the bar awhile back and are very far away on the planet flying around you cant see us or anything i think)
Well Venom is passed out from all the psi-cherries. I'll head back to the bar and see if I can find a way to get a flying vehicle.
Shadowling soon finds the artifact (in his psi-infused body) and, hearing signs of pursuit, he quickly heads to the next peice. Unpurposefully he sends signals of the 'artifact' all around the area to slow the others. It was his artifact.. He needed it... He was becoming addicted to the power psionic energy could give.
noticing a unpowered stargate when trying to find Vulture, I make Prodyseuss power it up and get into a newly warped in void ray and use it to track down Vulture

(make something up like you stole it from a local)
*psi communication
Anyone know were I can get a flying vehicle?
Jake is lost, floating around in shuttle. Frustrated, he paces back and forth on board the shuttle. He notices one of his trophies, a strange rock with symbols on it. the rock seems to also emit a lot of energy... (do i have a piece of the artifact? your choice)
*Sprinted back to joeyray's.
Hey *gasp* there can I get a *gasp* Pylon Power Up.(Protoss energy drink).
(No, you don't, you have a shard of crystalised psi-energy which can be used to amplify abilities like psi-storm.)
Zerg, Changling, Illador

Illador slowly crawls out of his small cave. He had just woken up from a long hybernation, and knew nothing of the inhabitation of this world. In the distance he sees JoeyRay's and heads that direction.

Before walking through the door, Illador transforms into a marine. Entering the establishment, he orders a plate of Roasted Roach Legs and a Creepshake. He then sits in a secluded corner and begins to contemplate his past.

The first thing he knew, he was falling. He looked up and saw a many-eyed creature ripped to shreds falling also. As he hit the ground, he landed on a strange robot, projecting a shield.He could feel the circuitry enter his body. He felt suddenly...... powerful. He surveied his surroundings, and beheld a large base of Protoss. Suddenly all was aflame. Buildings crumbled. Flames crackled. All was destroyed. Except Illador.

Illador crawled into the untouched undergrowth and found a cave. There he slept.

He awakens from his trance and realizes he had finished. He dumped his plate and ordered another Creepshake and waited in the corner.
Jake, not willing to give up a good old adventure, decides to find Vulterling with the help of his good old friend, Mojo the scout.
"Its simple really... Hes not serving the new Overmind, so he must be serving some other evil essence in this universe.. and the only other evil essence is the Dark voice. A great battle is coming. I sense it. I will go gather my allies and prepare for... whatever it is we are fighting."
TYO goes towards the north.
(Man, im late again lol)
Being lazy, Satyric get a infested colonist he has been carrying around to bring him a creep shake while he makes his way to the back corner.
*Is it the corner I am currently sitting in?*
[Nope. Other side of the bar. (lol)]
*Mk wasnt sure. I fail like that alot :D*
(TYO, it appears you are wrong, are we to proclaim that our secluded corner of the universe is the only part that can produce life forms? Or evil? Corruption? Also, if your saying something not directly related to the RP please put () around it. TY!)
using the void rays sensor's Jem detects a corsair and the pilot, the sensor's able to show him that the pilot is Vultureling he tries to hail him and starts the process of a warp jump to him.
While traveling underground, TYO feels a powerful psi signal to his left. Upon further examination he thinks its a (dice roll) 1-3 chance of being a shard broken off a protoss building, 4-6 a weirdly formed rock, or 7-10 part of the Artifact. (I roll a 8) TYO decides it is part of the Artifact, so he takes it and heads back to Joey Ray's bar.

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