This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread#2(RP)

Joeyray's Bar
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Jake, now back at Joeyray's, notices TYO

A muta-roach,? he thinks to himself

Jake slowly approaches TYO
(Yes, that could be true, but right now we are only listing the current lifeforms in our part of the universe)
Shadowling, having dropped his 'enemies' finds the next peice and starts tearing up the ground. (True, but only listed to our records, not another race's.)
TYO notices a dragoon approaching him.
"A dragoon? I thought you were all hunted out after the invasion of Aiur."
The warp jump complete, He detects the artifact piece and trys to use it's power to amplify a mind meld with Vulture to see if he is being controlled by any sinister force
*Can i get a list of who is at JoeyRay's? Just so I know. I got confused. Plz?*
"aye, we where, but I am to old and stubborn to die, you seem like you are looking for something... may i help?"
Shadowling finds the artifact and remembers: he still didn't have the original peice! He turns and seeks out it's power, emanating from it and making a beacon in the universe, which grew as each peice was connected.. Shadowling, needing rest, shielded the energy emanating from the artifact so it was almost undetectable and hid from the others.
New people in here. That marine doesn't look right I might want to leave before anything happens. I'll just go for a walk in the woods and wait until I hear anything about the artifact.
"Too stubborn to die?" TYO asks, carefully avoiding the question.
"i have seen many battles, my kill counter says 265"
Zerrox seeing a psionic push towards Vultureling from the newly arrived Void Ray fires his Ion Cannons on the Void Ray, believing it to be that of an enemy.

(Remember I am with Vultureling we have allied ourselves to hunt the artifacts)
"Impressive. My total kills tops off at 150, as I can recall. But then again, it was a Sunday."
the shields start flickering and the prototype photon canons on the vr activate and start trying to shoot down the enemy while Jem trys to hail them

(I know earlier post says i want to help him)
"haha, i like you already."
*While walking in the woods I find a crashed phoenix. Looking inside the pilot is ripped to shreds.

This can't be natural. I sense... oh no.

*psi communication to Zerrox and Vulture.
I have found a dead phoenix pilot i sense a part of the artifact but it's not here.
Incoming transmission flashes on Zerrox's console,

"Jem?! What are you doing here and why are you attacking Vultureling? Have you too fallen to the temptation of the Artifact's power?"

(ya but I don't know that)
*Can atleast I get atleast one person that's online and inside?*
"Thats good. I am the only one of my kind after all... literary.

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