This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread#2(RP)

Joeyray's Bar
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you started shooting me first, i wanted to make sure he was in control of himself because others are saying that he is in control of a sinister force! he isn't by the way so stop attacking me!*the cannons deactivate*

(prototype being developed by the cooking academy, just had to know where to warp stuff from)
(And where did you get Photon Cannons on your VR? That sounds like something you should have to buy with credits)
(Illador, I think its only me and Sitnduckz)
[I'm here in the bar]
"i see, would like to go get a drink or 2? its on me."
The Phoenix and the Corsair continue flying very fast with the Void Ray falling behind.

"You can't keep up, Vultureling is fine go back to the others and root out which of the have been corrupted by the Artifact's power."
*I drag the pilot out of the cockpit.
Well nothing seems to be damaged so this thing can still fly. D*mn old model looks like i'll need to buy a graviton beam.
*In the air
Now let's see can I find Vulture and Zerrox.
ok then, warp jump commencing in 5...4...3...2...1*he warps of to joey rays and starts trying to find TYO
(TYO with me)
*KK thx*
"Yeah, I have been craving for one of those Creepshakes."
TYO orders a Creepshake, and puts it on Jake's tab.
"So, how did you escape the zerg? Assuming you were in Aiur when they invaded."
"i was, i fought along side Fenix and Raynor, but they left me, I found a shuttle and never returned. I worked as a mercenary then."
Illador walks up to the bar and orders some Roasted Templar and another Creepshake. He glances at TYO and Jake, before walking back to his seat.
"You... cook my brethren?"
TYO turns back to Jake.
"Our stories are similar, Jake. I fought alongside my kin when the Queen of Blades attacked us. We had rebelled you see, and wanted to live in peace. All was lost though, and my whole brood was obliterated. I was the only survivor. From then on, I went from planet to planet, seeking revenge against the Queen of Blades..."
who me yes, when your planet is overrun with zerg, there isnt much else to cook, o I love watching the foul beasts that ruined my homeworld die

present company excluded

I thought that to when i say the menu, see i also tried a secondary in templar psionics so with effort i can make a psi storm
"roasted Templar, odd"

Jake is clearing trying to contain his rage, for his phase disruptor seems to be charging
Illador sits and munches on his Templar and studies the others in the bar. Their appears to be a surplus of Zerg for a Terran establishment. *Considering that he is also a Zerg, beneath the transformation.*
TYO rises up to his full height. Being a combine of a mutalisk and a roach, he easily goes over 10 feet of height. He has to bend over to stop himself from breaking a hole in the roof. Facing the Zealot face to face, with his acid breath lingering in the air, he asks:
"Is there something you are trying to tell me?"

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