This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread#2(RP)

Joeyray's Bar
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I walk out of the corner and approach the bar itself.
"Gimme' an acid shot. Straight from the Roach."

"i see fellow TYO, the Queen of Blades killed my father long ago."
who me no nothing (noting in his mind the increase in psionic emanations when he stood up)
TYO sits back down, and faces Jake again.
"Yes.. the treacherous Queen of Blades. I remember when I used to serve her.. she did not care about us, and tried to send me and my brood in a suicidal mission against the Dark Templar homeworld of Shakuras. At that point, we rebelled."
Noticing the tension rising, TYO starts to pull together his psionic power. The thing he did not mention is that the Queen of Blades herself created him, and granted him powerful psionic abilities.
"Amazing that you and these other zerg had so much free will..."
"My brood was always of strong minds, not brute force."
noticing that another wave of psionic power came off of TYO, he prepares himself for trouble
"Amazing, truly amazing"
I join in TYO and Jake's conversation.
"Strong minds, sounds like something an Infestor could be part of."
Illador stands up, once again. He approaches the bar and orders three Ultra-Burgers.

*You'd be pretty hungry to if you woke up from a a couple centuries-long nap.*

This time he stays at the bar to save the effort of walking back and forth.
TYO starts channeling his energy to his home, turning it into a Overlord cocoon. His home, now a newly created living Overlord, emerges from the ground, and heads for Joey Ray's bar.
"Infestors, yes. In fact, my brood were mostly Infestors, Mutalisks, and Roaches. Although.. I was the only one that had Roach strength, Mutalisk speed, and an Infestor mind..."
"I sense a powerful zerg creature, as if it is a...overmind? I must be going crazy..."
noticing ANOTHER psi spike from TYO he confronts him,

"will you stop it with the psi blasts! im tired of all of it, this also dosent look good one you mister i have an artifact!"
"now calm down..."
Jake charges up his phase disruptor
TYO decides it is time for him to leave. With all the psi he was gathering up, he unleashes a huge psionic wave, which paralizes everybody in the Bar... except for the Infestor.
"Come with me if you want the truth. It will be a minute before they break the Psi."
TYO hurries outside and climbs on into his Overlord, waiting for Stengah.
Illador stands up and shouts, "SHUT UP! ALL OF YOU! I have been asleep for awhile, I'm tired, cranky, and FREAKING HUNGRY! NOW LET ME EAT IN PEACE!" He then sits down again, orders a Creepshake, and continues eating.

*Possibly before the blast?*

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