This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread#2(RP)

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shielding himself he runs after TYO and has Prodyseuss make a wall of cannons everywhere hostile to TYO and the infestor
Jake inner warrior returns to him, and begins to to give chase with incredible speed.
(Yes Illador, before the blast)
05/15/2011 02:39 PMPosted by TheYoungOne
Roach strength, Mutalisk speed, and an Infestor mind...

"That's quite Impressive, I can see how you've broken away from the Queen of Blades. Good to know more than just I have done it."

Follows TYO out of the bar.

"So what is the "Truth"
What the. I gotta get back to the bar.
TYO, seeing as the Infestor did not make up his mind, orders his Overlord to forcefully take Stengah. He then flees to orbit.
using the power of the artifact i track TYO

noticing he went to orbit I jump into my VR and warp jump to the overlord and demand they return to planet side
*KK, thx*
Jake, hot on TYO's heels begins to fire his phase disruptor (but on purposely missing)
I see the overlord heading to orbit.
*psi message
What the heck is going on?
"Sorry to be so slow, these legs are not too fast."

"Now what was the truth?"
TYO quickly sums up everything that happened, from the finding of the Original Artifact piece, to Vultureling escaping, to Venom eating all his Psi-Cherries.
"Now quickly, we must hide before the Zealot finds us! As long as I hold this artifact piece-" TYO takes out his artifact, "-he can track us down!"
RETURN TO THE PLANET NOW OR DIE!*prismatic beam is preparing to fire
Illador shakes himself free, and walks outside. He quickly scans the area and hurries back to his cave.
"What is that?"
"It seems like something the Xel'Naga would make."
Don't worry we'll be able to find them, no matter where they go.
*shoots a tracker onto the overlord.
Jake fires at the Overlord, knocking of one of the overlord's legs
TYO quickly sends a telepathic message to Jake, saying:
"Jake! I need your help.. Get on a ship and pass by my Overlord, I will then hand you an artifact piece! You must hide it from Vultureling and his followers!"
THIS IS YOUR FINAL WARNING! GO TO THE PLANET OR YOU WILL DIE*the beam fires twice to illustrate point

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