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TYO faces Stengah again.
'It is.. Jake will take it and hide it, but we must hide. I know a planet we can go to.. but its risky."
Jake, hearing his friend's message, does as TYO says
*psi message to james
TYO leaves the Artifact levitating in the air for Jake to take. He then commands his overlord to fly back to his old homeworld... Char.
Jake flys off in his shuttle, while being escorted by Mojo the protoss scout
losing all patience, Jem beams them of the overlord and into the VR's brig and destroys the overlord
Once he enters his cave, he notices a small, orange lizard in front of him. He picks it up and it licks his visor. A name randomly pops into Illador's head and he utters it aloud.

"Charmander." He decides that will be the lizard's new name, and that he will keep it as a pet.

Illador sits the lizard down and transforms back into a changling. He then moves Charmander next to a small pool of water in a corner of the cave. He then sits next to the pool and starts to contemplate what had happened today.
The artifact is in the air! Coward roach din't try to run.
*shoots overlord making it fall to the ground.
"So, what planet are you thinking of?"
"I feel like I'm not bei-"
"Where are we?!"
jake telepathically to TYO: Where must i go?
I take the artifact piece and goes planetside with TYO and the infestor in his brig
TYO and Stengah were already halfway to Char.
"They killed the hallucination, now I expect they are still after us, so we must get rid of this Overlord when we reach Char."
Vultureling has stoically tolerated all this nonsense, silently running. (Since we soon fill this page, the Medivac is coming, chasing Vultureling, as he isn't there to defend himself, so the other side converted it.)

He heads for *dice roll* the island world, Ankh.
Jake follows TYO to Char....
"Char? It's been years since I've been there."
(Welcome back Vulture)
DAMN, they were hullucinations! at least we have the artifact piece on hand. they were going to Char, let the queen of blades deal with him.

(i was in orbit when the piece was jettisoned of course i have it!)

(post limit!)
Telepathic message to Jake:
"Evade them for a little while, try to make them belive you have nothing to do with me. When they lose their patience and come after you, fell to Char. I will tell you what to do then. And good luck, Friend."
(James, Jake already took the Artifact piece.)
TYO starts telepathically calming the Infestor.
"Yes, but ever since Jim Raynor got rid of the Queen of Blades, the planet was nearly vacated by the Zerg. It is safe for us.. for now."

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