This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread#2(RP)

Joeyray's Bar
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im walking through the forest mowing down trees when i run into a large ultralisk attacking a small figure i decide to take the ultra head on and protect whoever is being attacked(some1 come in here?) just as i begin to engage the ultralisk.... i realise that the power granted by my drink has worn off. "Uh oh..."
You are FINE, Catalouge. You just hear Tropical Birds, and some pretty Lizards, and such. Paraidse!
Venom. There are no Zerg here. You have a -1 credit penalty for each tree destroyed.
Vulture, jay, and joeyray are sent an broadcast from where I am, I headed out early this morning.

The broadcast-

This is nick reporting on all frequencies, I am currently headed south back to the bar, where the hell are you guys??? I've been trying to reach you for the past 3 hours! *A Screech rips through the air in the background* Aw ****, aw ****.... *You hear many more animalistic cries and a " Wump wump wump wump wump.... shiinnkk! then the broadcast cuts to static.
To Vultureling,

Im thinking we could devise a new entry idea. If the users incorporate a background story to explain what has happened to them before we met them, we could reward them with credits or something.
Yup! Good idea! Implementing that now. Where is everyone? Still at no.1?
*sadface* :(
ima check #1
noones there 0.0
This is sad :( Mebbe tomorrow??
Dunno, ill play sc2 with you in like 30-90 min, im at a friends house now.
It's 11:01 here. Ah, well.. Sure.
ok, its 8 here, east coast?
Introduces self to JemHedar (Hello Ghost, you look tasty... err... nevermind.. :S
*Takes a nap*
Pwnage, race/char name/unit type, plz.

----------------------------- *back at no.1's location*---------------------------------------------------
Vultureling is
TYO wakes up from his dream. He had never sacked the whole bar, he only managed to steal a measly Ultra-Burger before waking Joey ray. (Out of this game, these threads are doing great! I leave for a day and 26 pages are filled up in the previous thread!) The sound of a battle outside sharpened his senses.. and increased his bloodlust. TYO jumps out of his house, only to see Nick getting attacked by a huge Zerg Swarm behind Joey Ray's bar. Rushing to help, TYO sprays a Mutalisk with acid, and starts slicing through zergling's before coming across a Megalisk. Fear struck TYO's heart, for the last time he saw an Megalisk, he had lost his whole brood. Shaken by the Megalisk's appearance, TYO dives underground. He waits and hungers for a chance to strike the Megalisk... and make him regret he ever came across him.
*sigh* remember YoungOne, no zerg? Ah well.
You are dreaming.
Shadowling was just a normal zergling walking with his (roughly) 300 trillion brothers, ready to swarm the terran on Char. Things didn't go as planned... Protoss decided to join the party (YAY moar food) and Shadowling (still normal zergling), after killing a few DTs, and being covered in them (do you know how heavy protoss bodies are? ugh.), got hit by the Xel'Naga artifact and, instead of being roasted like his siblings (i hate you raynor... -.-), he ended up being charged with the psi energies from all the DTs. This disrupted the control the QoB had over him and he was a free zerg! Well, except for the fact that he snuck onto some random dominion ship, almost got killed by guards (not really, considering they couldnt see him) and found his way to Joayray's (that lucky *BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP*).
Pwnage, 50 credit reward, plus 100 from today, leaves you at 150. KEEP TRACK OF IT. I am not responsible for lost or stolen Credits.
Good job!
Thanks! Zerg/Zergling/Shadowling, correct?
Vulture is back at no.1, waiting on jay. Talk to Joey instead :)
(yeah VLing)
Shadowling has a very messed up dream about him eating his credits.
Wakes up with nothing in his pocket (zerg have pockets?) and a mug of stale creep,
then says hi to vulture :)
Throws away creep and goes invis to try and 'lighten somebody's wallet'
Zerrox awakens slumped over a curb on the out side of the Mar Sara branch of Joeyray's bar.

"Where is everyone?"

A quick psionic scan reveals that a strong terran/Protoss presence is nearby.


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