This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread#2(RP)

Joeyray's Bar
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Nick, now slightly ahead of the zerg swarm chasing him, uncloaks and dives through joeyrays bar. he hisses at joeyray to get into the tunnel that he halfway filled in in the side of the bar. He does so, and manages to escape the zerg. Nick slumps agianst the bar, the mutalisk glaive logged in his shoulder makes a nails on chalkboard sound as he does so, a scar sure to last him a lifetime. he quickly checks out the seen and drags Zerrox inside and asks him who he is. (my character only ever saw him as "jim".)( I will continue this tomorrow as the characters who are currently located at the bar are not on.)
I call out to Jay " Get Over here!" "I'm going to need your help!"
Says hi to Nick and Jay and hopes that Nick isnt going to smash the bar.
(also, i apologize for eavesdropping but Shadowling is a terrible sneak :)
Anyone who did not get on the medivac, I will need your help with this fight tomorrow. (cookies, jay, vulturling if hes on, and the hybrid morpher guy (forgot your name)) and dont worry, I work with the terran and can get us a lift of this giant dessert, and vulture, TYO was with me still on the dust ball.
Pwnage.... the bar is going to get uprooted anyways... read the previous posts.... we might all die lol

cya tomorrow
Is following nick in stealth bc Shadowling is bored.( i know :D, cya )
"Ugh, I'm up!"

Mike slept through everything, and saw the medivac take off.


"Ugh, I'm up!"

Mike slept through everything, and saw the medivac take off.


can u use warp gate or are u not a toss unit lol
*btw is every1 here bronze/silver lol

EDIT: sorry for bringing this up guys, will not troll
u do realize how messed up the league system is?

Dylanw as a normal ling. during his mutation of metabolic boost several nuclear devices relised immence radiation... infusing many zerg bodys and morphing many new, unthinkable cretures! Dylan escaped by mere chance, unaware that his decisions were his own and not the overminds, He fled into the hive cluster as an array of bullets stormed his head. taking a few hits and the adrenaline of his life in his own hands (something few zergs have because of overmind) forced Dylan into a frenzied rush. the terrans roared as bullets toar apart the infused metamorphed zerg units.when nearly everything was gone Dylan was left... a very large roach was torn to pieces by mariens ahead of him, heading directly into the marines Dylan desperatly did a barrell roll to shelter behind the roaches thick hide. little did he no at the time that the roach Dylan took cover from was still highly unstable and Armour plated skin polymorphes leeched Dylans skin! the reaction was turturous for Dylan... he awoke2 months later burrowde 2 feet into the ground, as Dylan wandered around he came across a small puddle of water, and there in the reflextion Dylan saw the effect of the mutilation, amour plated Chrome skin. Petrified by the body infront of him in the puddles reflection, dylan sprinted in no particualar direction, eventually finding joeyrays. (chrome is super shiny silver btw all)
good morning everyone,

Jemhedar wakes up and realizes he missed alot, useing Prodyseuss's recorder, he see's everything he missed and checks quickly catches up, then useing warp tech to go to the new world

(I'M BACK!! WHAT DID I MISS?? My computer completely took a dump on me yesterday D: so what are we doin?)
BACK! Jay, they packed up and went to no.2, if u read all of no.2, you'll know that we're in a tropical island, Nick, you, shadow, "jim", and i are at the bar in mar. Currently, you opened a pocket of baneling acid.
...Hello, Jay?
So we're essentiallly in the back room, treating more acid, when zerg come in.
Oh sh!t....Jay says....I haven't treated it yet...Jay glances at the Zerg that have overwhelmed the bar

Great...Jay mutters

Vultureling, are you well enough to walk? Jay asks
... For...about...a mintue?" Vultureling says, acid still burning through his skin.
Rolling a dice... Three. Three minutes later, a beacon sounds. You can a-hope to run there without dieng, b-try again (unlikely), or c-hope to hold out.
Okay...Jay loads her own Ghost-standard blood streaked sniper rifle from the corner of the room, prepared to shoot any zerg who come near...Ironically enough, the song "Kunfu Fighting" is playing in the bar on the jukebox as the first wave of zerg begin to attack...


So you chose c. Vultureling falls asleep. Little do you know that he's helping in subtle ways...
A Lurker appears, under the will of Vultureling. It burrows, and begins to splash attack.
Yup. U probably have to half-carry him, though. The Larva are already safe. WOOT! no.1 and 2. are in the top 10!!!
Okay Vultureling..Jay says as she keeps him up with her shoulder,
We are going to run, and we are going to rush straight through them the minute the smoke goes off.

*Jay grabs a large smoke grenade out of her duffle, still smeared with the creep from her little larvae friend who must have gone to that lush tropical forest planet as what they said they were going to*

Ready? Jay asks

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