This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread#2(RP)

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...Better than...never!" He says. He tries to morph into a Larva, for easy carrying, and...fails horribly.
, she picks up vultureling and tosses her smoke grenade in the middle of the wave, the lurker fighting off the zerg as she and Vultureling are already out the door, heading to a location even Jay is unsure about.

Vultureling is surprisingly lightweight, still. You're desperately running towards the glowing Medivac. It is healing you. You are *so* close (I rolled a 17) That, or we go to the academy. Up to you.
Jemhedar is wandering and finds the larva playing, Prodyseuss joins them and they start playing tag while Jem wonders where vulture and jay is...

(morning im online if you care to join=)
dun dun dunnnnnnnn...Unless you say otherwise, I will say we get to the Medivac. It is abandoned, with some spines in it.

With a last burst of speed, Jay and Vultureling tumble into the medivac, with a small army of mutated Zergling right behind them.

The Medivac's door shuts tight, but the ship begins shaking from the force of all the zergling trying to get inside....

STEP ON IT!! Jay shouts to the automated driver of the Medivac

"R-oh, hell..." She says, finding a spine in the fuel tank. She sends an auto-drone to fixjavascript:; it, and starts immediately.rolling... 16! We *barelybarelybarely* Get out, Nick teleports to us. A few hours later, of relatively smooth driving, we land to the tropical island. IN THE OCEAN.
Jem uses his psionic powers and watchs in horror to all that is going on helpless to help but glad they made it out

he watchs as the dropship lands and immediately swims out to see if anyone is ok
Adun wakes up from his long sleep and sees a huge battle outside. He does not want to stay here so he warps on the medivac.
Okay....Jay said Why the heck are we in the middle of an ocean!!?

Oh look! Jay says There's Jemhedar!!
Vultureling lies perfectly still, knowing that if he moves, he might cause the ship to rock even more than necessary.
We're pretty close to the shore.
is anyone still alive i scream out with my mind
He asks what's going on? I've been sleeping for oh crap, 48 FREAKING HOURS!!!!! Can anybody hear me? Hello? AHHHH! nooooo visons!!!!

YEAH!! Jay screams out, hopeing Jemhedar could hear her
i hear you... but the door is jammed!

using his psi utensels he trys to cut open the door
5 fish come to the psionic call. They look cute, and swim away.
(can we roleplay later by the way....I kinda want to roleplay this out for real now, lol)

Jay tries hard to open the door, but she is too tired and weak to even make a dent in the door
What do you mean, Jay? Cortex? ALso, I'll g2g for a few hours (like, alot) soon-ish.
what is this door made of i can barely cut it!

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