This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread#2(RP)

Joeyray's Bar
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Ah, Jay says, walking into the Joeyray's new bar
Good to be home.

Are you guys coming? Jay shouts at those still waiting at the beach
seeing everyone is safe i collapse and start to calm down from an adrenaline rush

Coming Jay I shout back
venom heads back to the bar and orders a shot of pure enegy with a psionic force cherry on top. his personal favorite xD
We're all at shore. Everyone is wet, and...just wants to forget the day.
Vultureling stays, partly because salt water feels good, partly because he's lazy, mostly because he CAN'T move.
at the bar i order a solar shake with some mint
Thanks for the menu ideas, guys!
COME ON GUYS!! Jay shouts from the front door of the bar to those still at teh beach
hm...jay says

JOEY"S SELLING FREE DRINKS TONIGHT!! Jay says to get their attention

(i think you forgot the Nuke Noodles for foods for supper at the bar, lol)
Well i came out of my dragoon. dragoons are just a precaution for time travel. Most dragoons are warriors that failed time travel. It really sucks that all our best warriors are dragoons but me. By the way what is zerg i'm from another time so i don't a lot about here. Free drinks i want a pylon pumper then!
"Meh. Salt-water is better." Vultueling says quietly, again, partly because of laziness, mostly because of inability to yell. The Larva are at the bar.
in that case i will also take another one with strawberry!
Cause pylon pumpers are all protoss drink it's like a liquid pylon and gives protoss energy
Zergy says," Jay's back! Whupeee!"
Hm..Jay says, hearing Vultureling's comment on saltwater from where she was anyway from her Ghost abilities

Jay into the bar, to see it didn't really change much from the bar back at their old home planet, but there was a new 45 in flatscreen tv that actually had no bulletholes in it.


Oh, hey little guys!! Jay says to the little larvae :D

(a nexus and 2 pylons are being warped in along with other various things)
Pylus is a Pylon drink. "Ya! She's back!" Zergy says, wiggling his tail in excitement.
venom gracefully consumes his pure energy, already having eaten his psionic force cherry. "does anyone here with to contemplate psionic forces with me?"
Ugh. salt water sucks my energy.Gimmie 2 pylon pumpers now joey.
What have you guys been up to? Jay asks her little larva friends
You know Zero, Zero is not a very good girl's name,
Jay says to Zero, her larvae she saved from being some scientist's experiment
hm...what about a new name? Jay asks
Zero works, Maybe Zera? ZArona?
Not me your a freaking archon.

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