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Ch. 3

Lieutenant's Log - May 22 2504

At the first sighting of zerg, we radioed for reinforcements from our battlecruiser. To no avail, they never came. I don't know what happened up there but we did receive a distress signal so someone should be investigating. How long? Could be months for all I know. We lost Gregory and Madison on the first day. We could have definitely used the extra set of hands around here. In any case Omega Team is holed up pretty good, coming under sporadic attacks during the day. Mostly zerglings, hydras and mutalisks. At night, they try to sneak roaches into the compound. The only stroke of luck we've had is the over abundant supplies the Confederacy left behind. I just fear for the men. All of us have been through a lot of strife together. Hopefully someone out there is assembling an offensive. I don't know how long we can hold on for. I'll keep sending out distress signals of our own at night. Vincent D'ambrosio out.

Initiating Combat Log...

May 22 2504 Dominion's Omega Team Combat Log

Pfc.Jimmy: What's for breakfast?

Pfc.Benny: K-rations, K-rations and oh, we have more K-rations.

Sgt.Shepard: Be happy you have anything in your belly, private.

Pfc.Jimmy: With all of the attacks lately, I'm just happy to be alive. Hey sarge, has Deon come back from guard duty? Me and Benny wanted to get a card game goin'.

Sgt.Shepard: Hell if I know.

Pfc.Fallon: Lets go find him. I think Lucas was going to replace him about an hour ago

Suddenly, alarms go off inside the compound. The intercom switches on, "We have incoming zerg, get to your posts". Omega Team streams out of their respective buildings, grabbing their weapons as they run by at full speed. D'ambrosio, Fallon, Shelby and Mel all head for the goliaths. They climb the ladder on the side and get nestled in the cockpit. Lt. D'ambrosio presses several buttons rapidly making the goliath whir to life. A satisfying boom goes off as the spider mines Ernest laid last night meet their targets.

Sgt.Ernest: This is a larger force than usual. I count 2 ultralisks, over 20 lings and about 5 mutalisks.

Lt.D'ambrosio: God damnit, Where are Jimmy and Dyson? We need those tanks operational.

Pfc.Jimmy: Coming Lieutenant.

Lt.D'ambrosio: Your lucky we need the extra man power or I'd deal with you right now.

Jimmy climbs into the cockpit of the Arcilite siege tank. The 120mm cannon hums as it turns, searching for a target. The first blast goes off and misses by a few yards. The automated reloader pushes another round into the cannon and the second shot goes off, getting a direct hit and blasting away some of that thick Ultralisk armor.

The goliaths line up behind the 2 bunkers at the main gate. The gatling guns attached to the sides of the machine pick up rpm's and finally load in the ammo belt. A shower of bullets streams across the plain, kicking up dirt as each pilot adjusts their aim. The bullets finally meet their targets and shred most of the zerglings. The ultralisks run through the barrage unfazed. The turrets, Benny set up the first night, stop rotating and use their GPS targeting system to lock onto the Mutalisks. Missile after missile fires up into the air and find the mutalisks with ease. Finally in range, the marines open up fire, through the ports in the bunker, on the ultralisks. One goes down from another 120mm missile. The concentrated fire of Omega Team brings down the last ultralisk with ease.

Pfc.Fallon: Well that went better than expected.

Sgt.Bones: Good work boys. Jimmy and Dyson. Guard duty. Now!

Pfc.Deon: Good going Jimmy. Guess I'll take your money some other time.

Pfc.Lucas: You can try to take mine, my calendar just opened up for this evening. Have fun, Jimmy.
Sgt.Gibson: Lieutenant, Permission to speak.

Lt.D'ambrosio: Granted.

Sgt.Gibson: When the hell is someone going to come for us? I mean I have no problems fighting the zerg but just knowing that there is no way out is just unnerving.

Lt.D'ambrosio: Honestly, I dont know. We could die tomorrow or fight for months. Theres enough food and ammo to last us for at least 2 months. Just hold on buddy. I'll do whatever I can to get us out of this.

Sgt.Gibson: Alright, I'll be with the men if you need me, sir.

Lt.D'ambrosio: Ernest, get a medivac ready, I want to inspect how much sh-t we have waded ourselves into. Shepard, if something happens to us, you are to take direct control over the defense of this compound.

Sgt.Shepard: Yes, sir. Good luck.

First Sergeant Ernest switches on the engines as D'ambrosio climbs into the co-pilot seat. The medivac begins to rise off the ground, leaving a cloud of dust. The ship heads north and drifts out of sight of the marines at the compound. "I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not" remarks Vincent. Mark said "You know the old earth quote, "ignorance is bliss"". "How true" said Vincent. "Getting readings of creep and structures ahead, sir" replies Mark. The ship flies over a sight to behold. Creep stretching for miles and zerg structures dotting the landscape as if they never ended. Vincent said "The zerg forces themselves look like they are assembling. I've seen enough, sergeant. Fly us back."

Lt.D'ambrosio: Listen up people, I don't know how our scanners missed all of this a few months ago but we have a huge problem on our hands. There is a substantial zerg base to the north. It's completely operational and is churning out troops for another assault as it seems. When this attack is coming is unbeknownst to me.

Sgt.Bones: So what are your orders, Lieutenant? It's not like we can pick up and leave.

Lt.D'ambrosio: Glad you asked.

:End May 22 2504 Dominion's Omega Team Combat Log

Initiating Distress Signal...

This is Lieutenant Vincent D'ambrosio of the Terran Dominion. I'm sending this out in hopes that someone is out there, coming to help us. There is a large zerg force assembling just north of our compound. I have many doubts that there will be any more of these sent out. Please respond.

End Transmission...
Ch. 4

Initiating Combat Log...

:May 23 2504 Dominion's Omega Team Combat Log

Perched up in the top floor of the command center, the lieutenant is overseeing the construction of the bases defenses. The green lights from the console screens illuminate the room. The static from the Com-link is the only sound. With his arms folded, the lieutenant hangs his head low. Many thoughts race through his head. None more important than figuring a way out of this mess. His first instinct is to hold his ground and give the zerg menace hell until the last shell casing hits the ground. The second instinct, however, is to run and hide in fear.

Sgt.Ernest: Lieutenant, orders?

Lt.D'ambrosio: huh... yea what's up?

Sgt.Ernest: We have established the fall back position.

Vincent D'ambrosio lifts his head up and stares back out over the compound. In the middle of the base Omega team has set up 3 bunkers in a V-shape with the siege tanks on the flanks. An additional missile turret was set up directly behind the leading bunker.

Lt.D'ambrosio: Good, grab some grub then have everyone regroup at the main gate.

Sgt.Shepard: Roger

The lieutenant clicks a button on the side of his helmet making his visor lower and click in
place with a low hiss as it seals itself. He begins to walk towards the elevator and picks up his C-10 canister rifle resting against the railing on the walkway. The elevator doors close as he enters and begins to descend.

Lt.D'ambrosio: Listen up Omega team. Jimmy, you and Dyson in the siege tanks. The rounds from those will be relatively close to the main gate so don't screw it up. Fallon, Shelby, Mel and myself will be operating the goliaths. We will provide suppressing fire as soon as the forward bunkers get too damaged. Ernest, Gibson, Lucas and Leanne in the left bunker and Shepard, Benny, Deon and Bones in the right bunker at the main gate. Everyone understand?

Sgt.Ernest: Yes sir.

Omega team assumes their positions. D'ambrosio climbs into the goliath once again and sets his rifle off to the side, in the cockpit. The team looks out over the plains of Tarsonis as the wind blows across it, kicking up dust.

Lt.D'ambrosio: I know this isn't ideal and I know no one thought this is how it would end.

Pfc.Dyson: We had a good run lieutenant. None of it is your fault

Sgt.Shepard: Ain't nothing wrong with dying as long as it's on our terms

Pfc.Leanne: It's been a pleasure serving with all of you.

Pfc.Jimmy: I told you guys this was a bulls--t mission.

Pfc.Benny: Way to ruin the f--king mood, Jimmy.

Sgt.Gibson: I swear if the zerg don't kill you, I will, Jimmy.

Pfc.Deon: I second that motion.

Sgt.Ernest: We've got zerg on the radar. All directions. Say your prayers, wipe your a-s, and get ready, ladies.

Pfc.Shelby: I resent that.

Pfc.Lucas: Locked and loaded, let's get this s--t over with.

Incoming Transmission...

Com-Link Operator: Lie...te..a..t.. D'am.. osio... we received your and are en route. Respond if you and your team are still alive. I repeat, we are en route, respond.

Lt.D'ambrosio: About damn time! We have incoming zerg and need evac.

Com-Link Operator: You'd think we would get a better reception from you guys. In any case, dropships are on their way. ETA 20 minutes.

Lt.D'ambrosio: Copy.

End Transmission...
Lt.D'ambrosio: Alright guys, just received word from our reinforcements. 20 minutes and we are off this rock. Let's give these son of a bi--hes all we got.

Sgt.Ernest: What ship is it?

Sgt.Bones: I don't really care

Lt.D'ambrosio: They didn't say now that you mention it. The zerg are advancing, no time to worry about petty protocol.

The ground beneath the soldiers starts to rumble. The zerg army moving as one cohesive unit causing the tremors. Inside the bunkers, loose shells roll off the shelves and the metal starts vibrating violently. The zerglings begin to rush ahead of the pack, eager for blood. The goliaths open up fire and rip through the front ranks. As the zerglings get closer, the marines inside the bunkers scratch their itchy trigger fingers and release a hail of bullets.

Pfc.Leanne: I can't see an end to these buggers.

Sgt.Bones: Hydralisks! Shift your fire marines.

Lt.D'ambrosio: Let the zerglings get inside the tanks range.

Sgt.Shepard: Relo...

Pfc.Benny: S--t lieutenant, sarge is down. A needle came straight through the port. DIIEEEE

Pfc.Dyson: Finally some targets.

The familiar whine of the 120mm rounds resound and plow into the zerglings massing at the main gate. The harrowing screams of the loathsome race reach the ears of the marines, presenting a false sense of accomplishment. When the smoke clears, a horde of zerglings push through the gate. More 120mm rounds land but do not even phase the aliens.

Lt.D'ambrosio: Fall back!

The goliaths revert their fire back to the zerglings as the marines clamber out of the bunkers. A zergling hops over the left bunker and cuts off Lucas from exiting the hatch. He doesn't look where he's going and stumbles over the zergling. Immediately, the bunker is surrounded with zerglings crawling all over it. Machine gun fire erupts from inside the bunker and then screams echo through the headset in each marines helmet.

Lt.D'ambrosio: Get these goliaths back to the tanks.

The hulking bi-pedal machines turn on point and work their way back. Zerglings close in on the squad with roaches following suit. They lunge after mel's goliath and miss several times until one lands on the cockpit and keels it. The lieutenant reaches the fortification and opens the cockpit of his own goliath. He grabs his rifle and aims down the scope, pulling the trigger almost immediately. The bullet goes straight through the cockpit of mel's goliath as roachs spew acid over the machines engine. Vincent looks up into the sky and sees a bright flash as the promised dropships fly through the atmosphere at dangerous speed. A zergling lunges at the lieutenant but machine gun fire from the first sergeants weapons rips through its body. The lifeless body slams into the legs and knocks over the goliath. Vincent claws his way out of the cockpit and scrambles to the nearest bunker.

Dropship Pilot: ETA 2 minutes. Get your men ready lieutenant. Looks like we came just in time.

Lt.D'ambrosio: Let's not get our hopes up just yet.

Sgt.Ernest: That was a nice save though right? hahah

Vincent gives his friend a nod as he focuses back on the enemy at hand. The tanks doing
their job quite efficiently with no more chance of friendly fire. Suppressive machine gun bursts hold the smallest threats back. The engines of the dropships roar as they begin to land, stirring up a small tornado of dust.

Dropship Pilot: We aren't landing lieutenant. Hope you practiced your verticals.

Lt.D'ambrosio: Everyone out of the armor. You guys first. We will hold in the bunkers until you get on.

Pfc.Lucas: Copy.

Pfc.Jimmy: We are loaded up, get your a-ses out of there.

D'ambrosio opens the hatch, stands up and unloads the rest of his clip into the relentless zerg. Each shot downing another foe. He drops his weapon and runs to the nearest dropship. The exit ramp down and a man standing on the edge with a hand extended, the other hand waving him over. He grabs the man's hand and the stranger hauls Vincent up into the dropship. The dropships close their ramps and ascend back into the stars.

D'ambrosio finds a seat and collapses.

Stranger: You ok there sonny? We were in the area and got that distress signal of yours.

Lt.D'ambrosio: I couldn't be more grateful. Things were looking grim down there.

Stranger: I've been in a similar situation back in my mar sara days.

Lt.D'ambrosio: Can I get your name soldier? What ship are you guys from anyways?

Stranger: We are from the Hyperion. I'm Jim Raynor.

:End May 23 2504 Dominion's Omeg|
:End May 23 2504 Domin|
:End May 23 2504 Raynor's Omega Team Combat Log|

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nice man keep going
Its kind of over. The events take place before Wings of Liberty. I might write other stories but I wasn't sure if this was good or not. I like it at least ^^
maybe a really late reply but dude i loved it hope you do message me if you do

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