Delta Zero [Prologue]

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\\Hey Peeps, just seeing what you guys think of this. Its a bit of a long one with many parts, so I'm just gonna release it when I get the chance. But hope you guys like it.\\

He bit more than he could chew. He had the big plan. Grab the base, get the girl out, blow it up, save the Terrans. Wasn't hard, was it? But plans have a habit of going wrong, and when that does go wrong, you better have a plan B, or otherwise... “So bigshot?!” Exclaimed the girl “You got another plan?!”

The man grabbed a cigar out of his special marine suit. Lit it up with his flamethrower mounted on his rifle, took a drag, and said very calmly “Nope. But if my boxing coach taught me anything, it was always “Michael! If your stuck in a corner, with nothing but a hope and a prayer, you better hope your guard don't break before you come up with an attack!””

Michael flicked a switch and brought the walls up around the command centre. “There.” He said with exuberant confidence. “That'll hold em... for now. So while we wait for someone to answer our hails, why don't you tell me exactly who you are? I mean all I really know about you is that your called the “Ice B!tch” and that you know a way to kill the Zerg with a snap of the fingers.”

With a frustrating look in her eyes, she said “Chakra. Lin Chakra. Leading doctor here at Mar Taris. What about you, space cowboy?” He took another puff of his cigar and said “Names Michael Banther. Friends just call me Mike. You can call me Mr. Panther, aroused yet?” He raised his eyebrows in anticipation.

Lin grabbed Mike and shoved him against the wall. Enraged, she shouted “Have you seen what the #%@* is out there!? Nothing but Zerg and dead bodies! And all you can think about is getting in the sack with me?! Goddamn perverted ##%%%%*!” Mike calmly stated “Relax, I was just making a joke. Geeze your just as bad as your sister.”

Lin stopped in her tracks. “Sister?” She said, lightly. Mike trumpeted “Yea! Your sis! I made a joke hit on her back in boot camp, broke my nose and my arm. Think I wouldn't forget a Chakra after that encounter!” Lin, with a smug look on her face “Hehe, yea that's her alright. Never was a stickler for the rules. So enough about me. What brings you here Mike? You didn't really come all this way just to kill the Zerg. Otherwise you'd have a whole battalion here with you.”

Mike took another drag, and burned the cigar out. He let out a sigh, and said “Look its too long, shall I just give the readers digest version?” “Nope” She quickly said “I want to hear everything. I'm a sticky beak like that.” He said, with a grudgingly annoyed voice “Fine. Look it all started after I got out of the infirmary, after your sister put me there. That was about 4 weeks later after the attack mind you. But that was when I met my future partner, Sally.”

“Girl-Friend?” She quickly said. “Hell no!” Mick bluntly replied “Nothing like that! Geeze, what you think I am a sleeze?” Lin's eyebrows pointed upwards, looking directly at him. Mick replied “Well I'm not... really! Anyway the point is, she was actually a scientist for the Möebius Foundation . It was the beginning of why I've ended up here all alone...”

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