The Very Special Zergling

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Once upon a time, a zergling hatched from a zerg egg. He looked much like other zerglings, with plenty of claws, teeth, and even some adorable little speedling wings.

“Normally, zerglings hatch in pairs,” said Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades, “but you emerged from your egg alone. You must be a Very Special Zergling.

“A Very Special Zergling like you should stay near the mineral line, where it’s safe.”

“Yes, ma’am!” said the Very Special Zergling, eager to serve the Swarm.

The Very Special Zergling stood near the mineral line and watched the drones walk between the hatchery and mineral patches. There were too many drones there. Many of them kept bumping into each other, spending more time searching for an unused mineral patch than actually harvesting.

Suddenly, a terran hellion came out of nowhere and began shooting fire at the drones. The drones were burned a little, but a group of roaches soon arrived and spat acid at the hellion. The hellion made a very pretty explosion.

“That was great,” the Very Special Zergling said to the roaches. “I didn’t see you near the mineral line, like me.”

“We are defenders,” said one of the roaches. “We stand by the ramp and protect the base from ground attacks.”

The Very Special Zergling thought this was much more exciting than watching the drones gather minerals. “Kerrigan,” he said, “I want to protect the base, like the roaches do!”

“Sure,” said Kerrigan. “Go to the ramp and attack any terran you see.”

The Very Special Zergling was so proud to be a defender! He took his place next to the roaches and watched the ramp with great vigilance. Kerrigan and the drones were counting on him to do his best!

Unfortunately, the terrans had decided to stop attacking. They had walled off their base, and were turtling now. The roaches seemed to have fun standing around and doing the jitterbug, but the Very Special Zergling was bored.

From atop the ramp, the Very Special Zergling saw some mutalisks flying overhead. “What are you doing?” he called to them.

“Sometimes we harass the enemy, but right now we are scouting the map,” said one of the mutalisks. “We make sure the terrans don’t launch a surprise attack.”

The Very Special Zergling thought this was much more exciting than defending against nothing. “Kerrigan,” he said, “I want to scout the map, like the mutalisks do!”

“Sure,” said Kerrigan. “Control the xel’naga watchtower and watch for terrans.”

The Very Special Zergling sprinted to the watchtower and activated it. He was amazed by how far he could see! Sometimes he saw terrans on patrol, and he saw other zerg fighting them.

They looked like very intense battles. The Very Special Zergling enjoyed watching the battles from afar, but he was jealous too. He wanted to fight the terrans as well!

Soon enough, the watchtower’s novelty wore off. The Very Special Zergling saw a few ultralisks run past the tower. “What are you doing?” he called to them.

“We are assaulting the terran base,” said one of the ultralisks. “We are going to destroy all of the terrans.”

The Very Special Zergling thought this was much more exciting than standing next to a watchtower. “Kerrigan,” he said, “I want to assault the enemy base, like the ultralisks do!”

“What?” Kerrigan said. She was very distracted because she was micromanaging her units. “Oh, sure. Fine. Whatever.”

The Very Special Zergling sped off like a bullet. He didn’t want to just assault the base. He wanted to lead the ultralisk charge and impress Kerrigan! Why, when this battle was all over, he might even be the bravest, most valuable soldier of the Swarm!

The Very Special Zergling was hit by a Very Special Siege Tank Shell.

The End.
Poor zergling, this very special story is very sad....

(Did the zlings not get upgraded, or microed?)
Hehehe..such a special zergling.
One less shot on the ultras makes that 50 minerals worthwhile imo

he really DID help the swarm :D
lol did the terrans luanch a very special surprise attack too?
Hahaha!! This is fun!
LOL you should read my thread, Pauguster's Story, for more lore
That was epic. I mourn the Very Special Zerglings death.

Wheres the Very Special Nuclear Launch at? XD

Poor ling :P

But... what if they had no upgrades and he was 3/3/3? he lived :P
i like the story but it has a very special sadness to it too.
The story made a few lulz, but then I was sad. I'm going to miss the very special zergling, you should def continue the series. I would read my first born a story called The Very Special Zergling.
Oh yeah, that Zergling was REALLY special.
05/12/2011 03:18 PMPosted by Aldaris
Poor zergling, this very special story is very sad....

One less shot on the ultras makes that 50 minerals worthwhile imo

he really DID help the swarm :D

both of these statements are very true
This story was adorable.
It's a good thing the special zerging didn't hatch during a special 6 pool rush. Whoever heard of a 6 pool rush with 5 zerglings?
What an adorable story. I didn't know there was this much fun and creativity to be had on these forums
Poor Zergling maybe next time i'll order my siege tanks to target the ultras first

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