The sad tale of the thor

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There once was a thor in the terran dominion who was famous for being one of the best thors ever. He killed many enemies, protoss and zerg alike and often got many kills in every battle. he was famous among the terrans, but infamous among the zerg and protoss and one day they met to plot against the terrans and more specifically, the thor.

"We will stop fighting just this once so we can kill that thor and then we can keep fighting again" said the zerg cerebrate

"Ok" agreed the protoss executor

So one day, when the sun was high, there was a major battle on one of the terran planets, on a large desert plain. The thor was called into this battle since the terrans were fighting both protoss and zergs. the thor once again went on a super-duper rampage and blew up many enemies with his two big guns. The battle was long and it often seemed the terrans would lose, but after the battle ended, the terrans were victorious. they had slain all the protoss and zerg attackers but every one of their own men died also except for...... guessed it, the thor.

the thor was very happy he survived the battle. he was shot many times and managed to survive with only 200 hp, which is half his full hp. as the thor headed back to base slowly, a warp prism appeared above him and dropped a high templar. the thor laughed at the templar. what could he do? storm him? he would be blasted before he could even send a second attack.

the high templar then laughed and said to the thor, "Silly thor.... you forget patch 1.3.3.." the high templar then used feedback on the full energy thor and the thor exploded.

Thus ends the Thor.

05/12/2011 05:17 PMPosted by Cake
"Silly thor.... you forget patch 1.3.3.."
I feel sad for the thor
will that thor didnt see that comeing
This is why Thors don't have hold-fire.

Cocky bastards.
SORRY FOR THE THOR??? WHY??? HES FINALLY NOT OP... HE SHOULD HAVE KNOW THAT HIS TIME WOULD COME!!! If that austrian (no offence arnold) had any logic he could have seen this comming a mile away. He was good VS ALL toss, and what toss unit is only good VS lings, rienes and medevacs? OH YEAH the HT!!! HT argues with blizz that he cant do anything accept fend off riene cheese and finally they make him into a bad smash (you know what i wanted to say!) Now all those moddles that were rubbing Thor's back are rubbing HT's psy muscles!!!

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