Base of Operations Ch. 1 + 2

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4 years after the Brood War.A solitary behemoth class battlecruiser floats in orbit of the Old homeworld of the Terrans.A hatch opens on the side of this massive weapon the Terrans rely on and 4 medivacs exit the ship, floating aimlessly towards the planet's surface

Omega Team Roster:

Command: 1st lieutenant: Vincent D'ambrosio
1st sergeant: Mark Ernest
Sergeants: 1st squad: Bones, 2nd: Shepard and 3rd: Gibson

Privates:1st squad: Mel, Lucas, Leanne, and David.

2nd squad: Gregory, Dyson, Madison, and Shelby.

3rd squad: Fallon, Deon, Jimmy, and Benny

:May 18 2504 Dominion's Omega Team Chatter Log

Pfc.Jimmy: Can someone, please, remind me why Omega Team is the only group that is either at the front of an assault or thrown out to establish a presence on these god forsaken planets?

Pfc.Gregory: I like to think that we are just so damn good at what we do.

Pfc.Benny: Gregory has a point jimmy. You should shut the hell up and wait for the briefing.

Pfc.Jimmy: Screw you man. I'm tired of all this messed up s-it they put us through.

Pfc.Shelby: Boys settle down, This might just be a complete cake walk.

Pfc.Dyson: You should listen to her. Watched the UNN before we strapped in, they say the zerg have pulled back from a lot of the planets that damned race use to control.

Pfc.Deon: For what thou....
Transmission Incoming............

Lt.D'ambrosio: Alright marines. I've received our objective from Warfield. The planet Tarsonis is of vital importance to the Dominion. The commander wants us to secure an old Confederacy outpost and reinforce our position. It will be used as a forward base for fueling and general defense should the zerg decide to strike out again. Recent activity from that race we love has dwindled in the past few months but this sector hasn't been scanned since. There could still be hostiles on Tarsonis. Check your gear and get ready to drop.

Sgt.Ernest: You heard the man. Uplink your combat suits for a detailed map of our objective. Make sure your visors work properly, yada yada yada. You know the drill, brace for entry into the planet's atmosphere.

The newly built dropships, bought from the Moebius Foundation, come outfitted with a full-on automated surgery room and field aid station. The four sleek machines, compared to their earlier counterparts, glide through space. The bow of the ships starts to flare and spark as they pierce the atmosphere. The marines inside remain motionless, their thoughts lie ahead of this standard routine and instead focus on what is to come. While they all pray for the best, most know that it is few and far between that those prayers come true.

As soon as the flames disappear, Omega Team gets a good look at their home for the next few months. It's severely dilapidated and most of the compounds walls have crumbled inward. The command center is set up along the west side compound wall and looks mostly uunscathed. Several supply depots surround the large building and look severely damaged. To the north of the base's center, could possibly be the main entrance due to craters where structures use to inhabit . The east and south sections are whats left of the training facilities and equipment warehouses. The medivacs engage the landing gears and land in the center of the compound.
Initiating Combat Log....
:May 18 2504 Dominion's Omega Team Combat Log

Lt.D'ambrosio: Boots on the ground. Mission Rectify is a go. Sergeants, assemble your men. 1st sergeant Ernest and I will head for the command center and see what we can do. 1st squad take the north end of the base and set up a defensive position.

Sgt.Bones: On it, sir. 1st squad move out.

Lt.D'ambrosio: 2nd squad, spread out and clear the east side of this base.

Sgt.Shepard: Copy.

Lt.D'ambrosio: 3rd squad, fan out through these warehouses to the south and see what resources you can salvage. We need to close these gaps in the walls and create a choke point to the north.

Sgt:Gibson: Yes, sir.

Lt.D'ambrosio: On me, Ernest.

The lieutenant and first sergeant raise their rifles and slowly push forward through the strewn about supply depots. Some Space Construction Vehicles, lined up as if on coat racks, rest inside one of the depots. Guns line another but they become less orderly. Bullet casings laying on the floor, half the C-14 Impaler Rifles missing from another depot.

It seemed as if they barely had enough time to even set up a defense before being completely overrun. Further investigation over the exterior of these buildings show claw marks and needles the length of a standard issue boot, completely perforating the 5 inch neo-steel framing. The command center seems largely untouched. Despite 4 years of neglect, the sun still gleams off the metal plating curving up into the sky.

The lieutenant and his companion, through the Brood War, lower their weapons and head into the command centers main entrance. A short way through and they reach the elevator that leads to the command deck at the top of the command center.

Lt.D'ambrosio: Mark, can you find the power breakers for this old piece of crap? I want to get up to that deck and get some radar or surveillance going so we aren't completely in the dark.

Mark winds the familiar hallways that all military command centers are designed after. He finds the breakers in their usual spot and toggles all the switches. Lights flicker on and the base comes to life. The servos boards whine and monitors light up, creating an echoing white noise through the empty hallways. They enter the elevator and ascend to the power behind the intelligence of all Terran operations.

End Chapter 1
Will get to the action next chapter if you guys are interested enough in this. Busy schedule is busy.

Lieutenant D'ambrosio finds himself sitting behind the command console. 1st sergeant Ernest behind him, underneath the radar tactics table, trying to make it somewhat operational.
Sgt.Bones: Sir, we have established a defensive formation at the front. We could use some bunkers though.

Lt.D'ambrosio: Good. Do you have any visuals?

Sgt.Bones: There seems to be a town or a small city on the horizon directly northeast of my position, sir.

Lt.D'ambrosio: Ok, we will investigate that later. I'll be calling for some armor soon so those bunkers won't be a far cry for long.

The lieutenant takes off his helmet and rests it on the table. Vincent says " Hey mark, I found some old logs from the confederacy. Check this out ". He presses a few buttons on the keyboard and a voice fills the room.

February 18 2500 Tarsonis
**Machine Gun Chatter** Marine: Where the hell did all these come from?

Commander: I don't know, they weren't on the radar but 10 seconds ago and theres more than I thought there could ever be.

Commander: General Duke, we need immediate evac. **Louder Machine Gun Chatter** I repeat, we are being overrun, we need that evac.

Techie: Commander, every base south and north of the capital are falling. I don't think General Duke is in ear shot. **Screams echo**

Commander: First, The Sons of Korhal show up and now this. Everyone OUTSIDE NOW! I ain't going down with no god damn fight.

End Transmission...

"Crazy stuff, dude" Mark said. He picks his wrench back up and reconnects a few more wires. The radar table comes to life and issues forth a few beeps. The connection is spotty but at least its usable. Vincent grabs his helmet and locks it back in place.

Sgt.Shepard: Lieutenant, the east side is clear and we found some usable bunks in one of these barracks.

Lt.D'ambrosio: Ok good, We have radar up. Take your squad and head over to help third squad. We need to salvage as much material as possible.

Sgt.Shepard: Closing in on your location, Gibson. Hold your fire.

Sgt.Gibson: Roger, Could use some help with these metal plates. Lieutenant, I have Benny
and Fallon in scv suits and we are ready for orders.

Sgt.Ernest: Sir, i have a com-link set up directly to the capital ship. Patching you through.

Lt.D'ambrosio: Command, come in command.

Radio Operator: We copy you, sir. What are your orders?

Lt.D'ambrosio: We could use some armor down here. Have Riley load up two tanks and 4 goliaths then ship them down here.

Lt.D'ambrosio: First sergeant, stay here and keep me updated on the radar.

Sgt.Ernest: Yes, sir.

The Lieutenant heads out of the command center towards first squad. He grabs a couple of ammo boxes and walks down the eerily silent road. As he arrives, Benny has already begun construction on a bunker and the rest look on, in boredom.

Lt.D'ambrosio: Alright boys, time to get our boots dirty. I want third to remain here and wait for the armor. First and second squad, We are going to check out the buildings to the northeast. Grab what ammo you can. You have anything on radar, Mark?

Sgt.Shepard: Dyson, Madison. Get yours a-ses moving.

Sgt.Ernest: As far as I can tell, no. The signal still isn't that strong. A portion of that city is still out of range.

The group of soldiers start running towards their objective over the desert plain. All that is heard is the hissing and the clanking of the armored combat suits adjusting themselves to the terrain. The small city is nestled inside of a valley with two mountains to the east and west of it. Few structures remain tall and most of the outlying buildings have crumbled. The team reaches the outskirts of the city and begins to cautiously approach the main street. A heavy fog has settled making it near impossible to see past 75 yards.

Sgt.Bones: Leanne, you take point.

Sgt.Shepard: Gregory, Dyson. Cover our left flank. Madison, Shelby take the right flank.

Lt.D'ambrosio: Rest of you, push down the middle behind Leanne.

Pfc.Leanne: Sir, I'm seeing some creep about 20 yards ahead.

Pfc.Mel: How long does creep last for? It could have been left here

Pfc.David: That sure is wishful thinking.

Sgt.Ernest: You guys have just left the radar's range. Your going in blind.

Pfc.Madison: That's just peachy.

Pfc.Lucas: This damn fog is making me uneasy.

Pfc.Leanne: Hold! Lieutenant come here.

Lt.D'ambrosio: What is it?

Pfc.Leanne: Zergling over at that intersection about 60 yards. Just one it seems.

Lt.D'ambrosio: Well we can't go any further without taking it out.

The lieutenant pulls out his C-10 Canister Rifle and aims down the scope. The zergling looks like its checking out the buildings. Nasty little critter sniffing around. Vincent gets a good lock on the creatures head and pulls the trigger. A loud bang erupts with a muzzle flash from the barrel. The bullet finds its target and sends the zergling flying into the adjacent buildings. An astounding roar erupts, echoing through the valley. The sound of claws, scratching the ground reach the ears of the soldiers.

Pfc.Shelby: We have movement on the right flank, sir.

Machine gun fire resounds to the left of the group.

Pfc.Dyson: Damnit.. Gregory is down. They came out of nowhere.

Pfc.Leanne: Christ.. what are your orders, sarge?

Lt.D'ambrosio: Everyone fall back to the entrance of the city. There's too many alleyways to cover. We will get back into the radar and get a good fix on the number and position of the zerg.

Sgt.Shepard: Pick your targets and make it count! Let us show these buggers what it means to be a marine.

Sgt.Ernest: You guys have a lot of sh-t headed your way and fast.

Zerglings start flowing out of the alleyways into the once empty street. Sergeant Bones yells "FIRE". A hail of Impaler rounds rip through the zergling carapaces. The ones that are killed or maimed are merely trampled over by its brethren. The suppressive fire is holding them back but inch by inch, they are getting closer.

Pfc.Mel: Reloading!

Sgt.Ernest: You guys need to get out of there. There is no end to them and a contingency of hydralisks are moving around the mountain to your left flank.

As the Lieutenant yells fall back. The ground starts to rumble beneath of Madison and a roach crawls out from underground. Madison screams as she loses her footing and falls on her back. The roach leers over her and spews acid. Vincent takes his rifle and jams it into the roach's head as he pulls the trigger. The creatures head explodes and it keels over.

Lt.D'ambrosio: She's gone. Get your a-ses back to base, damnit.

The group of marines turn immediately and start out at a full on sprint. The zerglings waste no time in chasing them. No one speaks a word, knowing that one wrong step and they are dinner for the hungering horde following them. The group close in on the base.

Sgt.Bones: 150 yards until we reach the base. Gibson, get your men ready.

Sgt.Gibson: Haha, we are more than ready, man

A loud bang and a high pitched whine accompany the end of the transmission. The 120mm rounds of the siege tanks plow into the zerg forces. The zerglings reel from the firepower and scatter. More rounds from the tanks are fired and diminish the zerg forces. They begin running back to the city and whatever is commanding them.

Pfc.Jimmy: Whooie! That's what I like to see! Come get some you slimy alien scum. F--k ya!

Lt.D'ambrosio: I like your enthusiasm. Glad to know Riley isn't slacking off with the artillery orders. Get some rest guys, I doubt that was the end of our problems.

:End May 18 2054 Dominion's Omega Team Combat Log

End of Chapter 2
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