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For all those who like Rolplaying, blending games, and et cetera, i am ur man! i am Wulfe Matrax in the Cortex Roleplaying maps, a Wolf who was born on Sauria, in teh Lylat system (AKA StarFox) who was betraid by Starfox, and decided to hitch a ride on a ship all teh way to the HALO universe! There, he trained as a Spartan, faught along side Noble Team, and Master Cheif, and even got time warped after all of it to the begging times of Earth!, By that i mean all teh way back to teh Crusades of King Richard, as he trained as an Assassin, and still is today, along side with Altiar, and Ezio! The time travel affects made him to live forever, as a punishment for changing some events of time! But, by time WWIII busted out, he found an old %*!@ lab, built around the time of CoD Black Ops, and decided to re-engineer it to time travel forward, without the zombies! Now, after all he's been through with you're race, yes you humans out there, he has decided to try and destroy every human he finds that fights, for he has seen you're kind and fought with them in every major battle, and it would useualy be for stupid reasons, such as ruling the world, or just for land, or because of that human's lkeings and et cetera. WARNING: has killed many humans in his years of eternal non-ageing, and if you are one, lets just say... hes NOT ur freind... although he also soon fought along side Raynor and his Raiders, in Sc1, AND SC2... If this is ur definition as an EPIC Roleplaying Story, and wish to join in the fun, join me and my freinds on the chat channel so called: The Roleplayer's Creed , unless i misspelled The as Teh, try both!
:) I made a channel like that, called "Mage's Creed". I will go to yours now.
Yo, Blaze I decided to come and make my first ever post on your page! :D Be happy dude.
*Back on topic* I will be willing to RP with anyone with CDRBlaze online, and he has told me I'm a good RPer, so happy Roleplaying my friends!
ty doodes XD
My current character, Amanda Vergo, was trapped on a world that was conquered by the Zerg. But the atmosphere mutated the Zerg on the planet into a new race- the Illum. They were suddenly free of control of The Queen of Blades, but had a new master. It is known as The Watcher. Under The Watcher's control, the Illum started capturing terrans to experiment on. one such experiment was Amanda Vergo. Captured recently after meeting Wulfe Matrax she attempted suicide to get out of the horrible world. But she failed. The Watcher pulled her our of the freezing waters and took her back. And so begins the story of Amanda Vergo.

Anyways, i'm in a RP with Blaze and a few others right now. Interesting stuff going on. Thinking about writing a fanfic about it. I'll decide later, but for now, what do you say Starcraft community?
lol, befor that, Wulfe met her, and accedently kept bashing the human's head agianst a rock xD he failed at setting her down correctly XP
writing a fanfic about it. I'll decide later, but for now, what do you say Starcraft community?

05/13/2011 05:09 PMPosted by CDRBlaze
accedently kept bashing the human's head agianst a rock

Yeah. Accidently. Sure.
Also, I will try but might not have the time. I suggest Roleplaying with us for a better story-telling experience.
Give me your code and I'll friend you.

EDIT: I found it on the Zergling and Zealot thread, Nvm
Are you gona join in the fun, life-form? or will u stick to the regular, old fighting and base building? this game was made for more than just that! U want to be something else? my channel: the RolePlayer's Creed , is the place for you adventurers who hate real life... home sweet home right? and if u do... beware the jouney ahead of you... the Wolfen will be watching you... NO N00BZ ALOUD!, Definition for N00B = a person who is either realy anoying throguh asking what to do all the time, exessivly, non-stop, or someone who likes to mess it all up for someone else! Newbies ARE aloud! we accept, and encourage, new RPing recruits! (Newbie = the new guy, who is not anoying er such stated above)
BTW the RP over-all theme setting: Cyber Multi-Verse, a Multi-Verse filled with places like Lylat from STARFOX Game Series, or Halo Planets from HALO Series, and all the other games of the World... you can create any character youre mind decides to ponder about! for instance: im a Universal Crimanal Hated by so many... yet a hero and freind to some others! such as Fonex Callibord ( ZargtheGreat ) a Foxen God in control of a Great Foxen army and such, and another freind named Kyle Walker, a Rakien God, who Wulfe had left to the Fate of the Geth Sythetic Robotic Species intent on destroying the Multi-Verse's LifeForms! Along with Ryan ( CaptainRyan ) on the old Vallalah City Cortex-RP map. Now Wulfe hides at Fonex's Hot cousen's house, the cousen being Lucy Artu (27 years of age such as Wulfe) a Lombax/Foxen Female. Bounty on Wulfe Head currently: $100,000,000.0000+ Credits... he's been all around the Multi-Verse stiring all sorts of trouble up! thus increaseing his Bounty. a Hero to many, a Villian to A FUDGEING TON MORE... So... which side are you on if you were to join our band of RPers? Geth? Bounty Hunters? Fonex Trooper? Kyle and Ryan's hired help? et cetera? NAME IT HUMANIOD! we are waiting for you on teh channel: RolePlayer's Creed right now! GET TO IT HUMANIOD...
I pity everyone who joins this. I am almost entirely sure this will die.

said by The Overmind

"They will die bravely, but they will die non the less."

Not to mention confusing time-line and or place.

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