Items for Zergling and Zealot rp

Joeyray's Bar
Just in case you forget. I WON'T keep track of credits, however. I encourage you to keep track of your own items, please.
ITEMS: NickDaMan- Personal Cloaking (25 energy to start, 100 max energy, every .9 seconds, energy drains), Marine equipment, Souvenir Hydra Head.

Drmidgit... You get a toy robot. It has pewpewpew guns, though. It does 1 damage per attack, same speed as regular Thor.
Nuparu- You ask Joey Ray for the upgrade. You will find out tomorrow. ;) Ask if it worked!
MockingJay- A Larva.
Vultureling- His brother, Zergy(A Larva)(Maybe;) )

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