This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread#3(RP)

Joeyray's Bar
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Illador stands up, in the middle of a small meadow with a few trees.

"How did I get here?" He picks up Charmander and starts wandering, noticing the bar he had traveled to. He startes making his way over there, since it is the only familiar thing.

*Also, is anyone around or in the bar? I don't think so, but want to make sure*
More probes are warped in, and begin mining operations
The Bar is mostly the same, just more Hawaiian-y. Joey is there, as always, still unconcerned with the whole "Artifact" stuff, to put it in his own words.
(Yes, but I decided to make up a place named Haven in Char)
TYO comes across 3 drones. He attempts, since they have no ruler, to turn their will into his. (Dice roll) 1-3 Failed attempt, 4-6 Only 2 of the Drones converted, 7-10 all of them converted.
I roll a 5.
TYO commands one of the drones to mutate into a hatchery near Jake's Nexus.
"Stengah, good idea. Too bad somebody killed the overlord..."
Illador once again transforms, this time into a zealot. He enters the bar and orders a Roasted Templar plate and begins eating.

*Btw he doesn't have know what is considered appropriate nor has any social skills as shown by the fact hes a supposedly a Zealot eating roasted Templar*
after destroying a few islands, he notices faint psi emanations coming of from a small rock. he decides that is is an artifact shard or a piece of a pylon, either way he is getting slight feelings from a location near Char. looking for a way to increase his psionic sensitivity he keeps the rock.
Vulture, TYO has escaped in an overlord with jake the dragoon and Stengah I put a tracker on them but it has multifunctioned.
TYO's base begins to mutate larger. TYO ends up recruiting many more drones, some Zerglings and a Hydralisk.
"I think we have a substantial force here, maybe we should-" TYO feels a strong psi wave sound off from the nearby planet Ankh.
"Did you feel that?"
TYO turns to the Marine. Spitting out a acid-covered Glave wurm, the marine is cut in half.
*Vulture, you feel like implementing Hydralisk Ribs? I just suggested that in the Menu thread :D*

EDIT: Yes! I got them! Also Ultralisk Ribs and Zergling Ribs!
"They have all moved to a new Planet. They must have sensed more artifact pieces there. We cant allow them to get them all..."
finding a cluster of pylons he uses his psionic connection to them to try and locate TYO and the arifact. 1-2 failed, 3-4 slight feelings, 5-6 found them*rolled a 6* he feels strong vibrations from Char and suddenly his mind is overwhelmed with the sight of a zerg and protoss settlement running side by side, he runs of and reports to the others.
"The Psi-wave is way to strong considering how far away we are"
Vultureling takes an island about *rolling* (the no. is the no. of islands away i am) 8 islands away from the bar. I can do this because NO ONE IS TRYING TO FIND ME! I *roll* (1-10, scv, 11-20, drone)20, I find 2 drones. I commands a Hatchery morph. I set up a basic defense, making lots of Zerglings.
*I am not because I am new and no noone except TYO Jake and Stengah*
*checks galactic map in phoenix.
This planet is VERY close to char we should put up some detectors in case the Zerg try to attack us.
"It must be Vultureling. He is the only person I have come across with such a strong Psi."
TYO takes the artifact from Jake, which was vibrating wildly now.
"The artifact... we can use it to find the other pieces!"

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