This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread#3(RP)

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"No... " Shadowling shouts in an inhuman psychic scream that echoes through the cosmos. He lends the power of his 4 to that of the last, making it triple its 'corrupting' efforts. 'Shadowling' was barely recognizable. He was covering in a dark-archonlike glow that, rather than burning, simply made things stop existing. He was unstoppable. The artifact being destroyed was a perversion of his own magic.. his own energy. It fed him and the other pieces, not as much as the artifact itself though. He needed the last piece, his pieces were already morphing to recompensate the others destruction. Shadowling sets to merging the artifact. He sends out a massive psionic nova that injures and disables most of the psionics in the surrounding sectors and begins his merging.

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