This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread#3(RP)

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"he found us" says jake
still feeling everything on Char, he sees a possible attack in Ankh may be coming and orders Prodyseuss to start warping a defensive grid around the islands
Vultureling techs up, getting Mutalisks to look for Artifacts. He Morphs into a Overbeing, a mix between the Overmind (for 200/200 control), and an Overseer. It has 1 LARGE eye, and many smaller ones.
Do we have any SCVs on the island?
Illador then orders a plate of the new Hydralisk Ribs. He bites into one, and discovering how delicious it is, orders another plate and devours them both. He then orders a Creepshake. He also orders a plate of Zergling Ribs and a Small Creepshaek for Charmander.
Hudson pops up a map, showing the location of the pursuer
"You never did explain this artifact to me"
"And what's our next move?"
If you find them. Currently-NO.
Protoss signs-NO (except for 'facts)
Zerg Signs (other than mah lucky find) NO.

I will implement new races when I feel it needs to be 9a few hours, maybe)
TYO i sense James coming, we must prepare
finally paying enough attention to the planet he finds many eminations coming of the islands, and starts ordering some warpgates to be made to find them
"We must get to this new planet... one by one. If we all come at once, we could be in risk of getting caught by Vultureling and his followers. I will go first. But for now, we must prepare for the attack that is coming. Stengah, order up some corruptors and mutalisks... Jake, warp in some Stalkers and Immortals. I myself will go gather an old enemy.. and convince him to help us."
TYO flies away to the west.
Vultureling senses people coming to his peaceful, peaceful Ankh, and prepares a fleet of Devourers and Hydralisks. The Hydralisks ride on Mutalisks.
He sends a psionic message to all. "Leave me be..." he says.
Well we might want some sensor towers in case the zerg from Char decide to attack us.
*gets in phoenix and goes looking for some SCVs
i will go last, for i am a powerful warrior, i can take care of myself....i think
*roll*6. You find 0 scvs, and no wildlife. Just pretty trees and oceans...
in orbit i find 1-2 a instillation in orbit which has strong defense and sensors, 3-5 a small instillation with minimal weapons but strong sensors,6 a run down piece of junk. rolled a 1. i move to activate the station.

(the station has many sensor tower like objects, we will know when they come)
Well no SCVs hopefully Zerg doesn't come here and **** up the scenery.
05/15/2011 03:32 PMPosted by shadowflame
Well no SCVs hopefully Zerg doesn't come here and **** up the scenery.

Trust me, the planet has some natural defenses.
"The Mutalisks and Corruptors are going to hatch any moment now, we will start to prepare for an assault if nothing happens we will leave char."

[telepathically to TYO]
Some Stalkers are warped in to aid Jake and TYO

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