This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread#3(RP)

Joeyray's Bar
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Vultureling begins harnessing the natural defenses of the planet *WINKWINKWINKWINK*
The base is fully active and fully operational, it is mostly automated so no one has to man it. the sensors are detecting large amounts of activity on Char, so the wepons are fully charged and the shields readied for action
*lands phoenix on an island and sees some berries.
Oh berries, they look good cant hurt to try one.
*roll* 1-2 berries are bitter, 3-4 berries are delicious, 5-6 berries are poisonous.
*feeling sick I go to joeyray's and pass out in a booth.
shadow. were ur weapons on?
If so...*roll*3. Nothing happens anyway,
(Vultureling I was only gone for a little bit and I'm completely forgotten?!)
Nick steps out of the medics house, as he has been sleeping for what seems like almost a week recovering from the attack on Mar Sara. He then decides to head out to the bar and notices all the defenses that have been set up, as well as the hatcheries and other structures and defenses being set up.
Nick. You feel a Zergy voice in your mind. "come to me, human..." An offered Teleport Scroll.
*roll*7. You can barely tell it isn't a normal Zerg.
Nick. the bar is empty.
(Okay I was with Vultureling so what am I still with him or am i just in the bar?)
I Accept as I have nothing else to do, and teleport to Zergy.

*Where am I??*
TYO comes back to the base.
"The defenses popped just in time. I would like you to meet the force that slaughtered my Brood and nearly killed me... meet the Megalisks."
3 Megalisks unborrow behind TYO. Megalisks are Ultralisks that were mutated on such a large scale that they could attack air. Tremendous teeth the size of marines, filled with poison only made their appearance that much more terrifying.
Summit-You're @ the bar.
Nick-you're on a small island, with an Overbeing (1 large eye, rest just a normal Oversser) that is Vultureling. "Greetings, Nick..." It says, sounding like a cross between the Overmind and an Overseer.
Have you finsihed reading no.2 and no.3/

*Btw, how much is a ghost c-7 sniper rilfe?? 100 credits??*
I have 110
(Okay do I have an Artifact Piece or am I not important enough)
*Yes I have finished reading*
Summit, *roll*3. You CAN get a piece, if *roll*twenty* You *roll*18. You feel compelled to dig at the doorstep. You dig. You now have a small Artifact piece.
Nick. You notice an emphasis on nature in this Zerg encampment. The Creep nourishes the plants, instead of killing them.
Check the first post every 5 minutes or so. Maybe 10. Update soon.
Interesting... *ghost rifle price and when can I buy one?*
"Quite Impressive, I'm happy they are with us."

"I found an odd creature, It has the ability to completely blend in with it's surroundings."
"It also likes poison."
"we might have enough to become our own Brood, but not yet."
Rifle cost= 70 credits for a regular rifle, 140 for a Nova Rifle, 140 for a Tosh rifle.
(Nova Rifle= 30 dmg, 1+ Range)
(Tosh Rifle=35/+5 to Armored, 0+ Range)
Defenses are complete. I have a small Brood, complete with 1/1.5 size things (small island), and...Natural Defenses.
"Our own brood... It pains me to forsake my old Brood, but I agree on that."
TYO grows tired, and after a long day, decides to go to sleep.
how much can I sell my standard PSI blades and marine c-14 rifle for?

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