This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread#3(RP)

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Psi blades=50 credits to sell, Marine Rifle=30 to sell. How many Credits do you have?
I sell both buy a nova rifle and and have 50 credits left
"TYO, what do we do now?"
Nick, I thought you were rich?!
"It would help to remain organised."
"You still haven't told me the 'truth" as you said when we left in that overlord."
"Rest and wait. That is the only thing we can do for now... And try to find a place to hide this artifact."
TYO hands over the Artifact to Jake.
"Stengah, The Dark Voice has rosen once more. Vultureling has fallen to his corruption. They all seek to give the artifacts to the Dark Voice, for his own evil purposes. We are some of the only ones left that can possibly stop him." (read both the previous threads for details)
Vultureling begins making himself comfortable, in all forms (a Shield Battery, a Spawning Pool, and a Supply Depot).
"What should we do about Vultureling?"
*how much will a portable prismatic beam cost*

after having photon cannons warped in on stations few blind spots, he gets back to planetside and trys to find a way to get more cannons on the already jammed up islands, with the thought of how did this all happen?
"There is only one way to encage such a powerful psionic creature like Vultureling. I cannot reveal what it is now, but know this; We must capture him and all the artifacts."
A Prismatic Beam is 130 credits. Portable. never-ending battery? 175 credits. keep in mind that everyone now receives a 50/cred bonus daily, unless I say otherwise.
No 50 credits today. It is Sunday.
"maybe we could use our forces to capture him"
Vultureling has made the necessary things. He makes Nick a Supply Depot, and makes a bridge. "Here is your island." Vultureling says. DINNERTIME, EVERYONE!! CHOOSE AN ITEM AND NOMNOMNOM!
"our combined psionic forces may be enough to subdue him...."
"Way to risky."
"We don't know what he's up to."
Vultureling makes a Fresh Fish Salad, and squeezes some Framberrys to make Framberry Juice.
"my observer can solve that"
"The artifacts themselves hold the answer. You two do know how Kerrigan was subdued?"
TYO decides to go to sleep, he will wake up the next day.
"of course! the Artifacts!"
Jake yawns and decides to rest as well.

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