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Hey everyone!

I've dabbled around with creative writing over the years, and have had a lot of experience reviewing works of fiction. I decided to put this thread together to offer my services of reviewing your work, and posting the best of the best that I find here for easy access to forum viewers. If you would like your work to be reviewed, please fill out the following, and it will be added to my Reviewing List:

Thread Title:
Brief Summary:

As an example, here is one that I have written and posted to this forum:

Thread Title: Despair
Brief Summary: Starkad, a Zerg overlord, watches over a colony which is soon to come under attack by the ruthless Terran.
Link: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/2522433908

If you would to offer your services as a reviewer, please fill out the following, and I will add your name to our Reviewers list. If you troll, you're out:

Reason why you would like to review:

When I review your work, I will give you from 1-5 stars based on how you did. I will not correct your spelling or grammar for you (this is what Word is for), but I will let you know what was fantastic about your work, and what I feel could use improvement. I hope that all reviewers will do the same (no troll reviewers please!) The scale is as follows:

1 Star - You showed no effort in creating a worthwhile story to read. Due to gaping plotholes, spelling and grammar errors, and lack of depth, I feel like raking my eyes across hot coals would have been a better use of my time then reading your story.

2 Stars- Effort was shown, and your work has potential, but either spelling and grammar errors or lack of description pull

3 Stars- An okay story. Spelling and grammar errors are not obvious, and the story is somewhat entertaining, but lacks anything that makes it special. A good read.

4 Stars- A good story that kept me entertained as I read it. No noticable spelling and grammar errors. Good use of description will make me able to see what is going on, but lacks the extra 'something special' that makes a real connection between the story and its characters.

5 Stars- No noticable spelling and grammar errors, and if they exist, they do not take away from the beauty of the story. I feel a real connection with the characters, and have no problems picturing the story in my mind. A true work of art.

I will post this form as a review to your work:

Compliments: This is what I really loved about your story.
Constructive Critism: What I feel could be changed to give you a higher star rating.
Overview: This is where you will get your star rating, and an explaination of why I gave it to you.

The goal of this thread is to help the authors to receive positive constructive criticism of their work, recognise the greater works on the forum, and provide ease of access for forum viewers.

Notable Works

Reviewing List
1. Zorca's Text Adventure


Thread title: Zorca's Text Adventure.
Brief Summary: Story of a recruit

Have fun with my 97 page story >>.
Hi. Can I (possibly) become a reviewer?
@Zorca: I'm on it. Long story, but so far it has been a fun read ^^ I'll get it the review posted as soon as I can.

@Vultureling: Thanks for offering! I'll add you to the list. If I may ask as well, have you had any kind of experience reviewing?
05/17/2011 02:26 PMPosted by Aradan
@Vultureling: Thanks for offering! I'll add you to the list. If I may ask as well, have you had any kind of experience reviewing?

I read a lot. I am a grammar person. But, no, I haven't. Sorry :(
Thread Title: Soul Priest Darkuul (Chapter 1)
Brief Summary: On a distant planet, an elderly protoss is shaken to the core.
Link: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/2549106808

Not too long... Yet. ^.^
Thread - Base of Operations ch. 1 + 2
Summary - Terrans attempting to retake Tarsonis.
Link - http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/2522463102

You should have just started reviewing all of them. Keeps the thread bumped and it would be like a blog i guess. Continue reading through ch. 3 + 4 as well. All one story.

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