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What is a good gaming headset that i can get around $100-150ish, i tried the Logitech G35's they were really nice and all but personally they didn't get loud enough for me. I just got the Razer Megalodons they are also nice but not really worth the $150, bass isn't that great either. Help prease!
Lol dude, not loud enough? I have a pair, and theyre amazing... I will never buy another headset... If you don't like the volume, your best on just skipping headsets. YOu can have a powerfull subwoofer/soundsystem in a headset, but only so powerfull, your best on getting a logitech stereo system of some sort depending on your budget
I really liked the StarCraft 2 from Razer. Sound is really good. they seem loud enough but not to loud that will damage your ears for life. Looks are awesome and it has lights...come on you can't beat lights LOL :D
I am looking to get the gaming Starcraft 2 set consisting of keyboard, mouse and headphones from Razr. Read positive reviews about it.
I have the Astro A40 and Miniamp. I will never use another headset as long as I live.
I use the Razer Orca's. I needed headphones more than a headset and I already have a nice mic on my system. Best freaking headphones I have owned.
i use turtle beach XII the only cost 60 and work really good and if you have a Xbox it can work for it too... so its awesome:D
I have the Razer Megalodon. It is very comfortable to use with great sound and a nice mic. The 7.1 surround sound provides an awesome experience, but it supports 5.1 surrond sound as well. It is pretty expensive($150) but worth it.
With the Razer headphones Can you change the lights to which ever color you please?
i have logitech (i have no idea what model) with the mic/headphone jacks and the headset will blow my ears out if i leave the volume up too loud. i have a usb headset and that head set doesn't seem to get as loud as my mic/headphone jack set....

it might just be that my other head set is just a heap of crap.

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