What makes a good game great?

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I find myself thinking about this more and more. With so many games around its hard to find one variable thats shared between all the game. So what in your opinion makes a great game?

Is it story? or graphics? maybe multiplayer.. or immersion into the game.

EDIT: To rephrase the question. Taking out the fact that you're able to compare one game to another. Taking out the history of the company or corporation that created the game. Taking out any reviews you have read or any research of a game. What attracts you to play a game, having no previous knowledge of the game.
For me the Story is the most important part (for RPG style games anyway) and graphics are a nice bonus. I still love the Baldur's Gate games because they have a great story.
Next is gameplay which applies to all genres and is one of the reasons I like SC2 so much.
Graphics are good but not necessary, story and gameplay more than make up for a lack of graphics. As for multiplayer, it really depends on the game.
For me would be to have a great story line. graphics would be a great combo but for the most part the graphics should be optimized. A great multiplayer and gameplay style will be the biggest portion of the game.
For me, it depends on the genre. But usually, the most important aspect of a game for me is gameplay. Afterward, if it's a RPG that boasts a strong storyline, then the storyline would be next most important thing. Otherwise, it would be strong multiplayer.

I actually don't really care about graphics; so long as the graphics look somewhat recent (ie made in the last 5 years), I really don't mind them.
The music.
Definitely gameplay. I mean it is a game. :P
For the people saying storyline, think portal 1. Portal had very little story of any sort for most of the game, apart from some funny lines from GLaDOS, and yet it was (in my opinion) one of the best games ever made.
New and innovative gameplay is what attracts me most to a game, and is also why I showed up at Blockbuster first thing in the morning last week to rent L.A. Noire. :P
Depends on the type of game, and it's often multiple things combined.
SC2:Gameplay/Competitive Multiplayer, I wouldn't really care if it didn't have a campaign at all TBH.
All of these(though RPG and Platformer more than SC2) Music. Video Game Music is often overlooked, but I often listen to it when not even playing the game.

Edit: Don't get me wrong, SC2 Campaign is awesome. It's just massively outshined by the MP.
People play games for different reasons, but if you're judging a game on its merits as a game, the gameplay is the most important factor. Even if StarCraft II was the Protoss, Terran, and Zerg fighting each other in strict multiplayer, it would still be a great game without a story that gives you the background on this war.
for me it would probably depend on the genre as stated before.

I'm ok with call of duty only attracting me with the multiplayer/zombies (although it gets old quickly for me due to the number of !##%!*@s on there), but my favorite games are always action/adventure games and games like those. Such as sonic and zelda. What these games have that a lot of others have is not only a good storyline (imho) but the developers make it so they're fun start to finish. I know I've played many many many games where about 10%-20% of the game's storyline have been dull spots where I'm bored and doing nothing if anything at all. Games that can keep that to a minimum keep me hooked longer.
definitely a concoction of various components, and quite often, the type of game it really is in essence.

Do you value replayability? Or multiplayer elements?
Those are games like dota or i don't know, can't think of anything right now.

For me, being a huge movie buff and book buff. Story telling definitely plays a huge part. things off the top of my head are RPGs like FF7

Then there's the art styles in a game. Borderlands felt pretty fresh in my opinion. Looked great and more importantly, different. Personally, can't wait for Alice: Madness Returns because of the visuals.

There are so many games out there that I play just once and forget about it. Then there are those that keeps me playing more than once. Sort of like reading a good book more than once.

Just my 2 cents. :)
Good story is first no matter what type of game your playing (unless its something like monopoly, angry birds, etc.) Starcraft I may have became famous for its multiplayer, but originally was more about its single player campaign (one of the reasons i find it such an amazing game). Multiplayer is also very important, followed by gameplay, with graphics being not important as long as they are atleast at the level of LoZ: OoT. Starcraft II is all about multiplayer and gameplay both of which are excellent, however I find the story somewhat generic and not in keeping with its roots which is why when Diablo III comes out I plan to buy that, in the hopes that it will be better.

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