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Arualia 7
Khaydarin crystals
Wild Zerg
You Need-warmth..
I will make no.5 soon, seeing as how I will be away more and more often. Thanks for keeping the roleplaying up!
" " That is the menu.
Nick wakes up on the barren arctic world of arualia 7. He gets up, and looks for any possible shelter. in the distance, he sees a party of zerg comming his way.

The group of zerg involves:

1-5 A HUGE smarm of zerglings and 3 hydralisks
6-10 3 Ultralisks supported by 5 mutalisks and a corruptor.
11-20 A suprisingly small group of 3 hydralisks a mutalisk and a infestor, but thermal scans show otherwise...

*Roll* and it is... 17

Jake peaks out of Steve's cave and sees nick.... and a hoard of zerg

his warrior instincts kick in and he rushes toward nick as fast as he can...
I run up to a patch of rocks and take cover, I pull out my Nova class ghost recon rifle, and take aim. I try to find out who the leader is, and find that the infestor is being guarded by the hydralisks, and the mutalisk is scouting ahead, they are showing remarkable intelligence for a normal party of unlead zerg. I pull of a shot at the 2nd hydralisk, lagging behind. The others dont notice for now. The next shot I take is at the infestor, but miss. Then all hell breaks loose.
Jake rushes ahead, only to be cut down by a hail of acid and hydralisk spines. Over 20 roaches were hiding inthe ground, creeping around, hoping for a meal to make a mistake. I yell at the top of my lungs"NOO!!!!" this temporarily draws the attention away from jake and to me. they leave jake alone, but he is severly burned by acid, and is bleeding out fast.

Jake's exoskeleton is leaking blue goo and fast... if to much is lost... he will die.

But he refuses to give up and continues fighting.
Steve rushes forward, intercepting the acid streams. He turns around, launching more storms.

"FOR SHIRE! I mean Korhal! Er... Braxis! Augh. You know what I mean!"

Steve smashes a roach into a nearby snowdrift, and fires a stream of energy at two others. But there were just too many roaches. The mutalisk turns back around and was greeted by the dark archon's lightning strike.

Steve retreats and attempts to repair Jake's exoskeleton, but Jake was losing fluid fast.
I open fire with a volley of c-14 armor piercing rounds from my rifle, but the zerg are aproaching fast. I run to the cover of a nearby cluster of rocks, hoping to cath the zerg by suprise. They continue to rush at me, falling fror my trap. I switch to my dark templar blades, hoping to catch them by suprise. I chuck my phase granade into the middle of them whilst turning my personal cloaking on. I slice the first two inhalf, pick up my granade allowing it to be reuased later, and begin to shoot at the roaches while running away. The infestor has managed to get away, but only 6 of the roaches remained, whoops, make that five, I shot one in the back of the head as it scuttled into the distance.
Steve gets up and drags Jake into the cave of khaydarin crystals. He uses the crystals to help sustain Jake to buy time to repair the exoskeleton.
"and this is what i get for forgetting to turn on my plasma shields"
Jake chuckles and then coughs rapidly
I rush back toward steve and jake, seeing if there is anything I can do to help. I quickly pull out a feild repair kit normally used on armor, and begin to patch up the wounds on jake.
"Don't worry, you're going to make it."

Steve switched a few khaydarin crystals around, changing its properties to allow Jake to heal at an accelerated pace.

"How are we going to replace that lost fluid?"
I say "Thats all I can do for now, i'll stand guard by the entance." and walk off. I remain at the entrance untill sunrise. *goodnight!*
"I'll take second watch!" yelled Steve.

Steve finished up the repairs on Jake's armor, then moved Jake to a place where the energy from the crystals was stronger. He smashed a few crystals and focused his psionics through them, gathering molecules to replace the lost fluid.
TYO steps foward towards Jake.
"Need a replace to all the fluid? Especially modified zerg blood will do good..."
Cutting a small dash across his claws, he quickly fills up Jakes exoskeleton again.
"That should do.."
After loosing a bit of blood, TYO is a bit tired. Yawning, he lies down on the side of the cave.
"Hope you don't mind, Dark Archon"
TYO falls asleep.
"feel better already, thanks friends."
Jake tries to stand up but falls back down... he then falls into a deep sleep.
0_o My Squirrel(s) ate the corn I set out too quickly. Why do I say this?
a-I am not made out of money.
b- no one is here to deny me.
0_O I wait.

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