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Greatest game ever made for the gameboy color beats pokemon by a mile or 50, any1 else agree? Also i just found my old version of it and I realized that I never found Hyren except for Deep & Timber, does any1 know where to find the rest?
I used to play the Magi-Nation card game back when I was younger.

So good. I think it could have gotten huge. Like, Magic: the Gathering huge, if it hadn't been so cartoony. Gameplay mechanics were very solid.

The GB game was great too. I never really got into it, most of my friends at the time played Pokemon so I stuck with that as my main time sink, but, I did enjoy it.
Ahh well I found my old copy of the game and I realized that its can be very dark like for the 4th shadow geyser u can just take the core stone and the guardian wont fight you if you promise to leave, and let the shadow magi kill everyone. Also I never did find the cloud frond to cure orwin. I was un aware that there was a card game, its sad that it didn't get bigger because the gbc game is just really really awesome. I have pokemon black right now and i still think that magi nation is better, I also realized that there are a whole bunch of secrets and un -explained mysteries in this game, like where are all these spells i seem to keep missing, what does that 3rd door in the loading area have behind it? The depth of this game continues to suprise and overwhelm me, even if the graphics are a bit out of date. Thats also very suprising to hear that the card game was childish, given how the gbc game was very morally ambivelent and at times even creepy, like the glowing dead bodies that u find all over the shadow dungeon.

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