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Anyone have this? I'm thinking of getting it, but I want some reviews from starcrafters first.

Any other keyboard comments welcome.
I don't have it because I have self respect.
*cough*No Directional Keys *cough*
I decided on the much cheaper Microsoft X4
05/27/2011 05:53 AMPosted by revolution
I decided on the much cheaper Microsoft X4

Good choice on not getting the Marauder, I picked one up the other day. I didn't see Mechanical on it anywhere, but I figured a Razer/Heavy Blizzard influence + APM would call for it.

Only thing I liked about it was the spread on the keys. The numpad and the keys between your qwerty and numpad are built together. Didn't like that concept. Membrane is garbage. A normal membrane keyboard with rubber keys should be $30 maximum, and that's being generious.

I returned it and got a BlackWidow. Also the ultimate edition of that is a waste. It's like $70 extra for 5 macro keys or something.

Edit: To point out what I'm talking about

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