Built a siege tank

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that is amazing. I could never put such detail into that work no matter how long it took. if you can make models out of paper like that, you can probably make a warhammer 40K army out of paper (which would cost around $500) for free and play with it. :D

Keep up the work! :D

oh and it's freaking epic
Great work, Spartan! Looks awesome!
Very very nice work man!
Holy s**t that looks amazing.

Wut u guys be talken bout?
How did you do that? O_O
Wow VERY good.. never seen anything like it.
Wtf? That is paper?
I did not expect something so awsome when I put in the link. I can't wait for the battlecruiser!
I wish I had seen this when it was actually on the first page.
Nice job! Could be a bit darker but other than that...sweet! Make a vulture next! :D A INFESTED VULTURE! :O
06/07/2011 04:10 PMPosted by Kazorgo
Wtf? That is paper?

Same thought here.
That thing is freakin' awesome! That puts plastic models to shame in the amount of craftsmanship in it.
Edit: Now you just need to build a seige line of them and leap frog your way over to your neighbors house and lock 'em down!

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