Are video games art?

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So I was browsing r/gaming today Reddit and I came across a link to this page.

Fox and Friends recently did a story on the US government's idea of offering federal funding for the arts to several artistic sources, including a few select video game developers.

Of course, in Fox's usual fashion, the story was slanted to look like the government would be giving free money to violent games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto. If you watch the video in the link, you can see that the man defending the position of video games is given almost no time to state his case, and a massive screen showing shooting, death, explosions, and other violent scenes from Call of Duty take up more of the screen than he does.

I think video games are certainly a type of art form, and not just visually. If you listen to the soundtrack of games like Final Fantasy X (, Halo (, Advent Rising (, and other such games, I really dont see how the argument of video games not being musically artistic is valid at all.

That's not to say that video games aren't visually artistic either. Take a gander at this for a moment.

If you removed the UI and logo in the corner, you could almost pass this off as a painting. I'm not going to go through the list of every single visually awesome video game I can think of, but you get the idea. A great deal of video games look absolutely amazing.

And finally, many video games have artistic storytelling. Those of you who have read Lord of the Rings or Stephen King's Dark Tower series know what I mean by this. A story that is so well-told that it can only be described as art. I only need to name one video game to prove my point here: Mass Effect. Havent played it? I feel sorry for you.

What do you think? Should video games be given the 'art' title? Why or why not?
I think they are. There are a lot of artistic elements like musicals, visuals and storytelling like you said, and they all collaborate together to make a game.

Also: Braid

If that's not considered art, I don't know what game could be.
I remember when Ebert started a @%@@storm in 2005 about this. Then again in 2006. And 2007 . And 2009. AND 2010. Man that guy likes to piss gamers off. also did a couple articles defending video games as an art form.

In my opinion, they are definitely art. Especially if you consider movies as art.

Also inb4 inevitable massive @%@@storm.
Games are art, however they are art implemented with science, which confuses people.
but science is an art in itself.

Besides, painters, photographers, sculptors, architects, they all use science in their art. Even if it's not apparent it's there.
I am actually writing a paper about this, as I'm a painter/artist myself and played video games since the early 90s. From my perspective, video games are art.

I think that it is a little misguided to look at only the graphics, music, storytelling, etc. as things that constitute as "art" within a video game. This assumes that the only art that can exist are done in the traditional mediums--visual art, music, literature, etc., and there is no good reason to assume this. Video games incorporate all of these things to make a great game, but the mechanics of a game--how the game plays and how it forces you to make decisions--is an art form in itself. Games speak volumes about our culture, our abilities, and our interests. I believe that they will someday supersede some of the more static art forms of the past.

Also, the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards have included video game design as part of the program since 2010. This year, the National Endowment for the Arts recognized video games as art as well, meaning that individuals and groups can get grants to make them. Once the older generation's influence wanes, and the new generation, those who have been playing games since kids and appreciate the design of these games, takes power, games will be considered no less than an art than anything else, and it will become ridiculous to argue against it.

When I was a kid, I did three things--drawing, writing, and design games. I didn't actually code, but I drew screenshots of strategy games, weapons with attributes, made rules, etc., and I made no distinctions between these three practices. I believe that as I grew up, and understood the categories that different practices were placed under, I started differentiating video games from art simply because that's what everyone else did.
It's weird. The further we get into the industry the more devolopers are walking that fine line between art and business that the movie industry has been walking for years.

Ask a gamer, the only persons who should be allowed to comment on the subject, and they'll say yes. Because they've seen the art for themselves. Ask a normal person and they'll fail to see the time energy and expense that goes into creating a great game.
Also, lol @ Fox.
I seriously don't know how that station even stays on the air, being so blatantly bias.
I personally don't know what to think of games. What does being an art even mean? Of course, I'm not really on the side that thinks that games are mindless wastes of time. But I don't even know how I would... "define" art to myself.

However, I do have a powerful series of videos to link, you can watch a few, they're only ten minutes long. The people who worked on it do an amazing and huge job describing game concepts, and, well, check it out.

05/25/2011 08:29 AMPosted by revolution
Ask a gamer, the only persons who should be allowed to comment on the subject, and they'll say yes.

What about the people who make games too? Although they might be a bit biased :p

But what can I say about video games? They can move people. So many cheesy games, like paper mario, can just move me to tears. Yes, a cartoony game where the end-boss is unbeatable except for the willpower of all those you've helped throughout your journeys coming together to give you that push that puts you on even ground. And then overcoming them for plain and simple good. Games can let you look into a world that the developers hand crafted, and see the detail, feel the detail, live that experience in ways looking through the window or art, of sound, or whatever other window you want simply can't encompass. It grabs those windows, and it paves the way into that world, that experience. You can call a game plot a story, but it's more than that. You can call game's theme as music, but it's more than that. It's not just an escape to a happy world, or a different world either.

A game can explore the same things as the arts can. Does this make video games an art? Does it make it better than art? What is art?
For those and more questions, I don't have an answer.
05/29/2011 05:26 PMPosted by Deathlust
The answer I find is that art's objective is to provoke an emotional response in the viewer, whether good, bad, or in between it doesn't matter.

Does that mean that drugs (prescription or otherwise) are also art?
05/29/2011 06:51 PMPosted by Deathlust
art's objective is to provoke an emotional response in the viewer

You can't view music either. :P

Anyway, this conversation is going nowhere because there is no definition for art. Art is what you make of it. Though I'm impressed this hasn't turned into an all-out flame war (yet).
video games aren't just art, but a combination of the arts.

music, graphics, storytelling, etc etc etc.

I don't know how people can't consider it art honestly, no offense to anyone who can't. It has all the aspects of art, all combined into game setting. It's like saying the pieces on a chess board have no art in them. Of course they do, some form of art at least, a form of sculpting.

Edit: also, I remember playing Sonic: Adventer 2 Battle back when I was really young. The ending of the game was very saddening. A very moving storyline imho. Great game. And now I wanna play it again :(
Modern Art means anything at all that you want it to be, I mean seriously in some french museum an Artist took a stall from the bathroom and put it on display as a piece of art
Deathlust, I was basically saying that I don't want to argue with you because I don't feel it will go anywhere. The music thing was just a joke, I knew what you meant. Thus the ":P".
I would argue that some are. If you ever take a look at Mother 3, there is just so much depth to it that it takes more than just a child's game. I know it's silly to reference such, but it is an amazing game that is overlooked constantly.

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