So i want to upgrade my video card

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right now the motherboard im using is the GA h55-usb3 and im not sure if the DDR memory of say the motherboard, the ram and the video card all have to be the same. I know my Ram is DDR3 but the video card i want is DDR5 and im pretty sure my motherboard is DDR3 right now im using a Geforce GTS 250 would i be able to upgrade to this video card with everything working right or would i need to find an older DDR3 video card.
GDDR and DDR are independent of each other. You can't even get higher than DDR3 with RAM right now anyway. Im using a 2 gig GDDR5 card and 8 gig DDR3 ram.

What is your power supply? if it doesn't have enough watts to power the new GPU it could fry your whole system.

And there are 4 different GA H55's on newegg, all of them have a PCIe 2.0 x16 slot, so yeah that card you linked will work assuming your PSU can power it.

The only compatabilities you have to look for with video cards are (in MOST cases)
-Does your motherboard have the slot
-Do you have enough power

and make sure that you don't have any other video drivers on your computer when you install the new ones.

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