I'm looking for a new mouse

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I use a logitech mx518 and its been doing wonders for me!
I got the Steelseries Xai coupled with that one mouse pad they developed with it.

Love 'em.
ThermalTake has a really nice mouse that allows a macro key and DPI adjustment. Not too expensive either! I'm using one and it's really nice.
A mouse wont make you better. I have the razor death adder, it feels great and it's super comfortable but I'm not a better gamer cause of it. Still, it is worth the money and I can recommend it.
Logitech MX518. Not too expensive, very simple, comfortable and always works smoothly.
Logitech G9 5700 dpi and other cool stuff as well and o ya great reviews although a limitless pricey at 100 bucks...........

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