Chronicles of the Clawed Moon.

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The stories you are about to read are those told by the Clawed Moon, a small mercenary organization formed in 2461 by Alexander B. Flemmington. The Clawed Moon gained large notice when they hacked into the UNN broadcast system and stated that they would defend the Fringe Worlds from the Zerg, causing the Dominion to outlaw all C.M. activity within their core worlds. These are their stories:

Note: All names in this story are fictional. If names match any real person, alive or dead, that is completely coincidental. All living names have been withheld or modified to protect I.D.'s.

Edited Audio interview between Clawed Moon Marine and author "Class"(nickname, found in no other files) and C.M. leader, (name withheld) (1-1-2503):

Class: You're okay with me interviewing you right now, sir.

Leader: Yes, it's fine. You do swear that my name will be withheld.

C: Absolutely, sir neither of are names with be revealed. Now, did you know Alex Flemmington?

L: No, but my grandfather knew him. He told me that Flemmington saw the governments as children, and he wanted the Terrans to unite and take Earth back.

C: Did he see war as the only way to unite the Terrans.

L: I don't know.

C: Why did you join the Clawed Moon?

L: I wanted to make a difference. Leave a legacy.

C: Thank you for you're time, sir.

L: No problem.

(End of Interview)

Edited Audio interview between "Class" and Doctor (name withheld) (1-1-2503):

Class: Hello Dr. (withheld), thank you for you're time.

Dr.: You're welcome.

C.: Now, when and why did you join the Clawed Moon?

Dr.: I joined in 2501, because I wanted to help the Fringe Worlders come out of oppression from the Dominion and the Combine.

C.: Do you believe the Umojan Protectorate is just as guilty?

Dr.: To a very lesser extent.

C.: But why us?

Dr.: So I wouldn't be viewed as a terrorist like Raynor's Raiders.

C.: Ok, thank you for you're time.

(End of Audio Interview)

Edited Audio interview between "Class" and Sargent (name withheld) (1-3-2503) :

Class: Hello Sar-

Sargent: Just get on with it.

C.: Okay. When and why did you join the Clawed Moon.

Sar.: I joined in 2498 because I wanted to fight and make money. Now leave me alone.

C.: Okay then.

(End of Audio Interview)

To be Continued.....

Nice. Shows the propaganda of Mengsk in very nice detail.

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