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It's not a hard achievement to get, but Orlan is almost never used.
Hell, i like the Vulture and Tychus Finley one and if one day i get the freaking Viking one, ill be the most happy guy evar :D
I really hope Hearth of the Swarm will bring a ton of new portrait
05/31/2011 01:03 AMPosted by SoulBellow
I really hope Hearth of the Swarm will bring a ton of new portrait

Most likely, as well as a ton of new achievements. Perhaps 10,000 win achievements????
These SC2 portrait suck, I wish they allow users to upload portrait so I can always look at my favorite anime girl whenever the loading screen is up.

Kate Lockwell army has started and we are currently 2 strong.

When mine updates, whenever that is, it shall be 3. Thing is, I changed my portrait back to Kate like... 2 days ago? Tsk tsk blizzard forums, tsk tsk.

just chillin' set back and enjoy a game.
05/30/2011 11:11 PMPosted by MorgnFreeman
Sup? I'm pretty much the only person who uses this portrait. >.>

PsyStarcraft uses this one ^^
05/28/2011 02:46 PMPosted by WarriorSoul
I can't stand seeing that Kachinsky dude all the time.

I'm not up there! What's the big deal with that?
I don't see my portrait a lot...

rory swann has to be the least used portrait XD

because you have to play the campaign at minimum of 3 times to get it.
I use Swann because he looks like he was in Ironforge before he jumped on that battlecruiser.
Kate Lockwell > All.
I can't believe only one Zealot Chef in the whole thread. I usually alternate between that one and Kerrigan. One's my favorite character... the other makes me giggle. En Taro Cuisine!
Yo Blizzard! You guys have to have a report on this. What is the most used portrait?

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