A look at my life... [u][b]The Burninator[/b]

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I am Trogdor aka the burninator. I burninate the country side and the peasents. BUT latly i have taken quite a liking to BURNINATING the zerg. *turns to cook* yes i like my zerg extra crisy and flat o and an extra side of suffering as well. Anyways i have found the BURNINATING the zerg is a great way to pass the time. Because as you all know being the most powerful being in ALL of creation can be rather boring. Latly as i have been BURNINATING the zerg they have started to say that i am almost as bad as the terran... I AM OFFENDED BY THAT. These "Terran" have nothing on me TROGDOR THE BURNINATOR. So you bar people tell who these "Terran" are and where to find them so that i shall BURNINATE them. Lets all have a nice Chat that since you showed up to the bar that i was at...you will not be leaving un BURNINATED.
Evan? What are you doing here?
Oh, Its Evan. Heeeyyyy buddy. Guys come over here, Evan is hallucinating again. AHHHHHH get your burninator off of me. We had a deal man.
O you want evan...uhh just give me a sec *goes to bathroom comes back with evan* srry he is a bit tosty I just couldnt help to BURNINATE him...
You ripped Evan's "Trogdor the burninator" SOO BAD. HE MADE IT BEFORE YOU.

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