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Is it possible to get out of bronze league playing with a touchpad? My laptop runs the game fine, but I only have one USB port which is kinda occupied, and I really don't want to have to use a mouse, but the game seems to inevitably come down to me having much better macro than my opponent but then getting wiped out because I can't respond quickly enough in battles. For example, when I run up a ramp with a bunch of stuff and then the opponent FGs the ramp and has a concave of roaches, I have no good way to respond to that, even if I have like twice the army size. Or when I have a rally point set to an army and the army dies while units are running across the map, I have to manually select them all or let them run to their death, and it takes 10 or 15 seconds to catch them all.

If it is possible to get into silver league, what should I be focusing on?
get a mouse. i stupidly played without a mouse in the beginning as well, and a mouse makes a huge difference.
Playing Starcraft without a mouse is like running a race without legs, you won't get anywhere.

yeah its possible
You're in bronze and people make good concaves? Also, people can micro an infestor? I was in bronze, and I never saw ANY good concaves or FG.
There are people in masters that use track pads. least there are people in masters who SAY they use trackpads. No way to know if they are trolling or not.

Seriously though, get a mouse.
Buy a USB splitter, buy a 20 dollar mouse at Best Buy, problem solved.
Well...don't use a laptop from the stone age and get a mouse. Seriously how old is it that it has 1 usb port?
Am I the only one curious what is occupying the USB slot right now?
I wonder how well you could play Starcraft with a touch-screen for clicking...
My computer has 4 usb ports, im surprised anything with 1 can even run SC2.
Made it half way up platinum using the touchpad on my MacBook Pro. Still, get a mouse, it's way better, and I like the Deathadder by Razer.
06/02/2011 03:23 PMPosted by JBangin
I like the Deathadder by Razer.

I haz thiz
Easy bro. Choose Terran, make MMM. Attack move and hit the stim button. You will get at least gold with this tactic. No micro needed until high platinum

Also a collosus stalker ball will not require much micro vs bad players. This should get you into plat if you can build it.
I'm also mind boggled that a laptop with only one USB port (that's 2002-2004 I'd think) can run SC2. My only thought is that the other USB connectors have failed, or he hasn't noticed the other ones on the back or something.

But yes, a USB hub = $10-$20, a cheap USB mouse = $5, problem solved.

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