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Hi. Don't know if it is worth upgrading now or saving it till the 4th quarter this year.

My current specs:

CPU: Q6600
GPU: GeForce 250 GTS
Power Supply: 650 Watts
Resolution: 1680x1050

Want to upgrade to:

CPU: i5 2500k
GPU: HD 6870
RAM: 4-8 GB DDR3 1333 or 1600

I'm looking to spend around 600 dollars on an upgrade. Is it worth it to cough up like 50 dollars for 6950 gpu under the same resoltion and will I have to upgrade my psu?

My dilemma is I don't really game other than play SC2 and WoW. Not really looking forward to anything other than HoTS and diablo 3 so my original plan was to just wait it out till I get release dates on those 2 games then upgrade, BUT it would be nice to run SC2 on max settings and I've just been itching to get a computer upgrade the past two months.

I just upgraded to a 2500k and GTX 460 Superclocked and didn't have to upgrade my 5 year old power supply. So I would say you are good as far as that goes.

Also I have everything on Extreme/Ultra and I don't lag even in huge 4v4 battles. If you go to Microcenter you can get the 2500k for only $180.
Yeah man, I'd say that would be a rock solid upgrade just don't forget you'll need a new motherboard, and you do not really want to go budget there unless your fine with stock everything and having to chose down the road between SLI and USB3 for example. (The motherboard is the foundation of your system, never skimp on it, you wouldn't want exploding chinese caps either...)
If you can afford it I'd go with the 6950. I have a XFX 6870 Black Edition and its a great card. I run SC2 on Extreme with no issues. However, the 6950 is a much more powerful card and will be a relevent card muchlonger.

The other upgrades look good, but as Battyone said, you have to get a new motherboard. I personally prefer ASUS boards and use them in all my builds.
Okay, thanks guys!

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