Down in the Ditch

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The digital ammunition display pulsed a deep, angry red. Grimacing at the sight, Private (1st Class) Horace P. Warchester tossed the depleted C-14 Gauss Rifle aside and flexed the mechanical fingers of his power armored form, dull green eyes surveying the blasted out landscape around him.

It was a fairly sad sight, truth be told. The Planetary Fortress' auto tracking system was experiencing far too frequent glitches, sending a shower of sparks down on the handful of SCVs trying desperately to mine from the scant few mineral patches and remaining vespene geyser for the raw materials necessary to repair the meager defenses. Not only did the Fortress require more work, but the pair of Missile Turrets showed severe signs of wear and of the four bunkers, one was outright on fire.

Horace shook his head. Even discounting that one bunker, this encampment didn't have enough troops to fully man the other three. Five Marines and a Marauder were all that was left of the Dominion Garrison of his fringe world.

It was supposed to be an easy assignment, and if Horace was going to be honest, it was. Until the Zerg overran the defenses of the planetary garrison and threw everything into disarray. The local commander had done a phenomenal job organizing the survivors and even managed a lengthy counter push against the Swarm. At the height of what Horace jokingly referred to as "The Resistance", there had been five bases cooperating with one another and pooling resources. Siege Tanks had the high ground, Vikings prowled the skies, Medivacs kept the troops healthy and there'd always been plenty of ammunition to go around.

They hadn't heard from the commander in a day, when the primary encampment had finally been overrun. Their own base had withstood relentless assaults up to that point, and were only alive because the Swarm had pulled its forces back to deal with the primary base. That made Horace smile - the commander had at least given them hell. From the flashes on the horizon last night, it looks like the commander had decided to turn his two Nuclear silos on himself rather then lose them unused. That probably had something to do with the fact they actually were still here.

Horace's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of missile seperation from one of the Turrets. Looking up in the sky, the massive bulk of an Overlord mindlessly wandered into the fire of the Turret. Horace swallowed involuntarily, waiting to see the discharge of tiny green dots that would signal the end. But the dots never came, the Overlord exploded in a shower of gore as a missile punched it square in the underbelly, and Horace exhaled in relief. That was a mistake.

From the mineral line, the ground exploded as a massive worm like creature screamed in rage. The SCVs scrambled as the Planetary Fortress' guns began kicking in, ripping into the flesh of the worm. The worm, however, had already opened its maw wide and from the depths came a small stream of rolling, glowing green balls. Horace watched helplessly as those green balls ducked and weaved around the Fortress' fire, and went screaming towards the SCVs. The SCV pilots went berserk trying to avoid, two crashed into one another a second before two of the Banelings detonated beside them. A third SCV took off into the distance, running past the burnt out husk of a Siege Tank with no less then six Banelings in hot pursuit. The final SCV simply continued to work in the mineral patch until it was picked off by another of the Zerg suicide bombers. Horace figured the driver had gone into shock, and was trying to ignore the reality around him.

The Planetary Fortress finally eliminated the offending nydus worm, but Horace wasn't celebrating. Their SCVs were gone. He heard the other bunkers begin to open up and couldn't mistake the sound of Zerglings dying, but he also heard the sound of bone-like claws on metal.

Pressing a button beside him, Horace lowed his bunker's steel shudders as the first sound of a collapsing bunker reached his ears. He heard the Fortress opening up again, it's massive cannons being punctuated with the furious hiss associated with a Hydralisk attack. Horace heard claws begin to scratch at his bunker.

Horace closed his eyes.
Brutal. Pretty good story though.
I liked it, fairly impressive. well described and well typed.
I like the detail you give the SCVS. 1+
06/05/2011 07:31 PMPosted by Vultureling


I'm glad you guys enjoyed it.

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