Anyone here play/write music.

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I play Drums. :D I play StarCraft. :D I Record, primarily myself playing drums. :O I also watch alot of Starcraft. :|

What do you guys play?
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dang it, again?

I -have- to get a better router
My name is Mark, age 51, live in central CA near Monterey. I play (in order of having first learned) piano, flute, organ a bit, guitar, keyboards, 12-string guitar, fife, electric guitar, and am learning bass guitar now. Been writing songs and poems since about 1983. Two of my recent songs I listed on this forum as poetry inspired by Starcraft II. Their titled "If my Siege tank's a rockin" (about defending against the Zerg waiting for the Raiders to rescue them), and "Hit 'em hard and hit 'em fast" (about an assault on a Protoss base. You can also find both of these on under my alias MidnightPoet. Even though I play a lot of instruments, for songs I tend to be stronger on the lyric side than on the melody/chord side--though not always.

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