using an xbox 360 controller for starcraft 2

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im not very capable of using the keyboard to do everything in this game because this is the first computer game Ive ever played in my life. i would like to kno if i can use my Xbox 360 controllers with wireless receivers to play starcraft 2 like i did with halo wars on my windows based PC.
You most likely could find a way? But you would be so limited that I don't even see the point in trying, instead of just learning to use a mouse and keyboard.
Might as well just buy StarCraft 64.
Since when was Halo Wars released on PC?

Also you probably could play SC with a controller, but it's not worth it.
well i was referring to Xbox 360 controllers. one can only assume u knew i meant for the XBOX 360!
Oh I misread your original post. Kay. Nevermind my bit about Halo Wars on PC.
playing starcraft with a controller... oh jesus that would be horrible. have you even played starcraft? no way it would work. Youd be really really really really bad if you used it youd be so limited.
You would lose every game
Impossible in my opinion. Even if you could get the program to take it as an input device the GUI would be terribly incompatible...
Well, I played Warcraft 3 with a controller before. I used switchblade. There are many more programs out there that emulate a mouse for a controller. Not impossible, just confusing.
This is one of the worst ideas in the long sad history of bad ideas.. Time to learn to use a keyboard and mouse son.
02/25/2012 09:05 PMPosted by CrashNburn
This is one of the worst ideas in the long sad history of bad ideas.. Time to learn to use a keyboard and mouse son.

It's probably why he's so bad at typing.
If you were the best player in the entire world and I mean right up there, you'd lose every game playing with a controller lol.
Actually there are some players playing in masters with a 360 controller. So dont tell him he will lose everygame. Its just practice. see here
This is possible by installing software and you would use the steering button to move like a mouse and place buildings a, but hot keys and other stuff , you could only build a few structures.
If you buy a wired 360 controller they have usb plugins and it will probably automatically download the driver for you. If not google the driver and get it from Wireless controllers require you to buy some extra hardware and it ends up not being worth it. That being said if you use a controller in SC2, even if you are terrible with mouse and key board, you will do significantly worse and

06/05/2011 10:08 AMPosted by Desukan
You would lose every game
I like the idea but this is not an xbox type of game like cod where controller use is normal you have to click to get things done which would be a nightmare with a controller because you would have to mive the analog sticks to where it would be a paain in the butt

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