Plan to steal the jukebox

Joeyray's Bar
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you know what just recall the jukebox

Mutas storm the hyperion, while everyone is busy send in speedlings, run for the jukebox and have one ling grab it then mutate into a baneling. the jute box is now inside the baneling. and the speedlings escort the baneling out to be picked up by an overlord. Then as they fly away have the mutas form into what looks like a hand flipping them off. X)
Simple. Put a Nydus Worm right under it. It will swallow it, and it will pop out right next to me.

*Splat, Machinery, music starts*

AAAAAAND, there we go!
Run in there with a nuke and blow up the entire bar.

If we can't have it, no one can.
I don't think joeyrays bar is some specail vault that requires a heist.. XD... seriously, just run in with guns, shoot everyone, and then take the jukebox.. lol!

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