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Hi, I have a razer naga (mouse with 12 buttons on the side), I was wondering if its possible to play efficiently using the side keypads.

The buttons are a bit stiff and when I press it with my thumb, it moves the mouse slightly to the right which throws off my aim... can be tiring for my thumb as well.

For anyone who uses a naga or any mouse with side keypads, do you think its efficient?
I own a naga and given where your hand should be using it for your main control groups (e.g. 1-6) it's not as fast, but if you never use 7-0 it can open those all up for you! (E.g. forges on 0, observer on 9 without having to move your left hand.)
I can't play without my naga, though I have to have a cushion for my wrist since you have to keep your hand kind of propped up. The only downsides I've noticed with it is that it can throw off your micro if you're trying to macro at the same time, and you also can't spam nearly as fast as on a keyboard, so your fake APM won't be as baller.

Other than that, I <3 my naga.

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