Siege tanks / Marines- how to beat?

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Check my match history. I've seen it every single game today, and have failed every single time, as you can see.

Mutas, for me, just do not work. Marines are set to follow every single tank, and they vaporize my fragile little mutas. I've also tried what a lot of people say to do, roach, ling, bling, and i just cant get surrounds on tanks even if they are busy shooting the roaches.
I haven't spewed infested terran on the marines yet, should i do that more often?

I haven't spewed infested terran on the marines yet, should i do that more often?

Yes, and baneling drops, but don't expect the IT harass to work too much after the first time unless they're bad.
You're a gold-league player - which means that it's fair to assume that your opponents are (on average) of gold-league caliber. I'm a season 1 diamond leaguer (and about 6 months out of practice!) so take that caveat when I advise you.

Firstly, a few questions:

1.) When do you find yourself dying to muta/tank? Is it mid-game when you're on lair-tech and 2 bases? Endgame when you're on 5 bases? etc.

2.) How good are you at creep-spreading? If you go with a standard FE build, it's more than realistic to have creep all the way up to the middle of the map by the time tanks are ready to come around, and having good creep spread helps against tanks IMMENSELY.

3.) Do you find that you're getting stuck fighting off the tanks from inside your chokepoint?

At your level of play, purely improving macro generally is enough to keep on winning. It gets tougher afterwards, of course. But let me know about those three questions as it helps dictate how you can go about skull****ing the tanks.

Well the easiest way to deal with marine/tank is infestors. Literally, just infestors with burrow. Now this does depend on when the push comes.

If it's the early game push your pretty much screwed. I only have mild success holding this off with upgrading slings/blings on creep or in a wide open area.

Late game just get burrowed infestors. Infested terran bomb (while burrowed) the tanks and FG the marines. Then rolf at the terran tears. Spanishwa does this amazing well. NP can work on tanks...just I always miss like a n00b. So, I don't personally do it...probably better though.
if you think that its just the tanks you need to target, then you are seriously mistaken.

use mobility to your advantage.

fly in behind his mineral line and hit his workers until rines show up, THEN fly around to snipe the tanks. If he has turrets at his line, then hit undefended buildings/supply depots until rines show up.

while all of that is going on mass ling/bling in the background and when you've sniped most or all of his tanks, fly your mutas out of range for a second, roll in with the ling/bling, after the rines are all/mostly dead bring the mutas back in for the added DPS, or use them to snipe supply to stop him from reinforcing.
Stick with the mutas. Fly them behind the army and kill the reinforcements, workers, park them over their production buildings, etc. For the main army, infestor/ling/bling. Ling/bling first to be safe, and then tech to infestors. More times than not, when you stream out ling/bling, the marines will generally kite back, leaving the tanks open for your lings to kill. Keep chasing with your blings until it's certain you're not going to connect. If it's close, pull your mutas back to wipe out the rest of the army with your lings. Regroup.
I'm a ling/bling/muta player. my late-game hammerblow will include broodlords and infestors, but I control the midgame with ling/bling/muta, and I feel that if a marine/tank terran fails to challenge my 3rd and 4th base, its a free win unless I screw up. maybe zerg imba, maybe I play against bad terrans. who knows.

That said, the critical moment for me is his first tank push which will come at about the same time I want to take my 3rd base. If I hold this push with ease, I get my 3rd no problem, and the game seems easy (your mileage may vary). If I barely hold this push, my 3rd is in jeopardy to his follow-up. If I don't hold this push, I don't get a 3rd base, and as long as he plays aggressively, he will win the war of attrition.

The first push will usually come just as your lair tech is coming in, so you may have mutas in production, but not active on the map yet. (this is also when you want your 3rd base, for the gas for more mutas). I am primarily on ling baneling at this point. I may or may not have baneling speed yet, and it makes a huge difference. This is an interesting time in the game, because the longer you stall, the more zerglings you have, but if you stall for too long he'll get an additional reinforcement wave. If baneling speed is close, I will stall for that. If it's not close, then I want to kill that push as quickly as possible before his next 2 tanks arrive.

This push is all about "diversifying" his tank fire. make sure he doesn't get several solid shots straight into your banelings. the first way to do this is to lead your charge with a single zergling who will take 2 tank shots. If he has more than 2 tanks, use more spread out zerglings.
Alternately, you can use a beefier target. If I'm desparate I use my 3rd queen. I try not to lose my larva queens, but if it looks like I have to, I start a new queen in production before the fight so she'll be there when I need the next inject.
Another altenative is an uprooted spinecrawler. I'm not joking.
in that push, the spine crawler took about 4 tank shots, and still survived long enough for me to burrow it (then it died).
creep spread is very important for your banelings. The earlier the push, the fewer scans he'll have available for clearing creep. This means he'll either have to push very slowly, or he'll take a huge gamble and waltz straight onto your creep. Both work in your favour.

Once you hold the first push take your 3rd base, and 4th base fairly quickly afterwards. This gets you the gas to afford mass mutalisk (or infestors if thats your style) and upgrades.

This is how I play the game out after holding the first push:

Your mutas need to be as annoying as possible, especially if he does not have thors. Stack them up on themselves and snipe any tanks or medivacs you see at the edge of his army. If he pre-spreads his marines, stack up your mutas and kill groups of 4-5 marines, and run away when he stims more marines in to rescue. Wear him down like this. If he is sending reinforcement groups across the map, snipe the tanks. If he is crawling slowly, try zergling counterattacks into his natural, and use mutas to kill any vulnerable add-ons in his main, or clearing turrets out of his expansions.
delay the fight and deal as much "one-way" damage as you can with mutalisks.
But eventually you have to fight.

The big engagement:
Spread out a few zerglings in front of your ling/bane swarm. These little buggers are going to get owned by the first tank volley to save your banelings. May their scattered debris rest in piece.
Try to have at least two "balls" of ling/bane hitting from different angles.
inject larva
Attack! Right click behind the enemy, make sure all your flanks are hitting at about the same time. A-move your mutas, or shift-click them on each of the tanks, or magic box if there are thors.
inject larva
When your lings are in the middle of everything, grab the lings (NOT THE BANELINGS) and a-move, and grab the banelings and try to guide them into pockets of marines, without hitting tanks.
inject larva and queue up either drones or lings depending on how that fight turned out. expand

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