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*slaps on that down south backwoods accent*

Ya see I was havin' a little chat with Marvin.. aww shucks I mean JoeyRay. Who would really go to a bar called Marvin's though, ami rite? Oh right, the topic. Ya see we been listenin' to da same damn music for a year now. JoeyRay thinks its time we switched it up a tad bit. I want you folks ta give us some good suggestions on what music you think should be playin' while we is drinkin'. In all honesty, we don't wanna see no techno or rap. I ain't got nothin against it, in fact I likes it too but my granpappy can't find out. Just write down a song below that would just make you feel at home in good ol' JoeyRay's.

Oh and please, like my granpappy says " Those who argue about music are downright idiots. "
The Cure-All Mixed Up.
Symphony X-Awakenings.
Yesterday to Tomorrow - Audioslave
Pink Floyd - Have a Cigar.
Portal - Still alive.
06/02/2011 01:26 PMPosted by TheYoungOne
Portal - Still alive.

This. :D Or Portal - Want You Gone
I'm "HuMoDz", this is a borrowed acc, my original acc. is bugged

Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand (O God remix)
wowowowowowo- barbra streisand. oooo ooo ooooo oo oooo
Little Wing- Stevie Ray Vaughan :) I bet joeyray'll like this one :)
Lightsaber Cocksucking Blues. REAL SONG dont ban me plz.
Why dont you just censor it?

Lightsaber C-cksucking Blues
hey dudeman nice jobe with the one story with the crazy storys man if you check the feed back man its good thanks for them man i hope you make a few more

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