B.net authenticator scared the hell out of me

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Just wanted to share my awesome noob adventure with you guys: So I have a b.net authenticator... I tried to log on today but SC2 kept saying ''wrong login information'' so I immediately thought I was hacked and went on b.net to do an account recovery. Well, it turned out that my authenticator was just out of sync... and now everything is fine.

Morale of the story: if you can't log on, remember that you can resync your authenticator with the server...

The end.
What is the b.net authenticator used for?
06/02/2011 08:20 PMPosted by AprilTerran
What is the b.net authenticator used for?

It's additional security for your account. So you'll need to enter your pw and a randomly generated number from a physical authenticator to log in.

I don't really know a reason to hack a Starcraft account, but there I can see a lot more people trying to hack WoW and D3 accounts. Because of, you know, gear and gold and stuff.

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