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(Well Galvian seems to have this covered, and there's the fact that we could just read, and inputs when there's a space, as it is though mine is fundamentally different in that we are Protoss, so there's that. But do not worry, there will be the small references after this introduction.)

"Have the Arbiters Recall our fleet, so that we may fight as One. All Interceptors that cannot be recalled are to attack the Zerg from behind, and those severely damaged are to become Scourge-like themselves. We'll see how the Zerg like it when random items are thrown against them. Those Phoenix that are not recovered are to hide out in the asteroid field until this fight is over."

The crew relay the information and suddenly space is warped and distorted all over the fleet. All ships appear to be sucked into a wormhole and instantly appear beside the Arbiter fleet. The Zerg being outnumbered and out of options plunge headfirst into the maelstrom of Protoss.

Corrupters and Devourers are split apart by two Carriers appearing within their midst and they move to attack individual targets. Interceptors and Phoenix that were warped along with the fleet go straight into dog-fighting the Mutalisks and Scourge, flipping and rolling through the fleet.

The Carriers and Arbiters become merely floating centers of obstruction as Mutalisks, Corrupters, and Devourers fly among the fleet blasting indiscriminately. The Interceptors move to attack Scourge, ramming them or blasting them by their ability to keep up or be in range. From the Bridge you see detailed expression of a Mutalisk attempting to break straight through the viewport before being blasted my a passing Scout's missiles.

As the Devourers and Corrupters begin to disappear the remaining Scourge break from their fights with the other ships and begin to come directly to the Carriers. Six Scourge start their course to "The Ravenous Spirit." Another Carrier moves into their path and intercepts them, blowing up in the process. Two more Carriers are destroyed before the last of the Scourge are eliminated.

As the reports come in from the surviving Protoss forces start to come in Solaris and Hamas approach you. "Your decision to come by recall has destroyed three of our carriers, but... it has saved the Arbiters and others who came through this side of the fight." Solaris nods at you and walks away to receive the reports.

Hamas looks at her walk away and says "If she wouldn't be so willing to leave lives for 'the greater good' we could probably come to a greater understanding. As this crisis is now over we can address your amnesia. You may not remember it but you are a great strategist, tactician, and fighter for our people. You were made into the Executor for this fleet for that purpose by the Council. No one here knew you from your prior times. I only know you as the Executor but I'm sure we could have you remember your training if we could figure out what you did before taking command."

"Solaris is in charge of advising you in matter of Space Combat, I advise you in Land fighting, when you need to split up our armies to both fronts you can trust us to lead our areas. Now I will go into your mind through the Khala and attempt to piece together your prior life, possibly figure out your training from before. Once we learn your profession we can possibly continue on our course here or retreat, your choice."

"I will now commence the reconstruction."

(This is where we have our "Executor's" name and his life, shall we be a Zealot? Maybe a Phoenix pilot? Could we be a Dark Templar even? You call out a unit from the Protoss armies of Starcraft 1, BW, and 2, and the one to reach 5 votes first wins. The name will be the first poster though, so don't go trying to be slow now :) )
Injured zealot that made a recovery as a dragoon while patrolling the protoss base he uses tactics to wipe out a zerg scouting group and is advanced up the rankings until he gets to executor
Possible names first I think.

Tarlakahn (TAR-la-kan)
*seems a little like a High templar name to me.
A protoss who was originally trained to be a Zealot, but after many battles he gains wisdom and becomes a High Templar.

06/08/2011 04:16 PMPosted by Zanon
Tarlakahn (TAR-la-kan)
Executor Mooggels (Moo-gel-z) shall be his name!!!Fine ok here's a better one Executor Zanmiis (Zan-mE-ss)
I think he should be a dt and he lost his brother dt in a battle (archon had split (for unknown reasons) and he was caught in the crossfire of the terran and zerg)
(Tar'lakahn it shall be then, as the votes stand now, i think cam's was dragoon

Dragoon 1
High Templar 2
Dark Templar 1

Sixel hasn't yet voted and we have few people so far who have voted.

also, Protoss don't have to be archons to be siblings?)
who cares dude it makes it more dramatic and tragic and comeon guys DTs are definately the coolest protoss ground unit
Dark Templar
06/08/2011 09:42 PMPosted by ILLADOR
Dark Templar

high templar
High Templar

Thank you for choosing Tar'lakahn.

Perhaps you can submit this as a short story to Blizzard when its done.

On a seprate note where can you find other text based adventures?

oh comeon DT vs HT??? DT FTW
Oh umm dark templar then ^.^
aww we could do a cloaked ht
(sry guys, internet's been down all day today, still don't know why. anyways though the voteing process is one of the hearts of a text adventure, without it all the readers lose their involvement in HUGE decisions, with times being different not everyone gets involved, as the story evolves MAJOR plot points get divided into votes so that everyone no matter their time zones gets a vote.

ahem the vote now stands TIED the first swing vote or new vote for either wins the career choice of our Executor Tar'lakahn. so unless someone brings 5 guys in here who say Zealot its

High Templar Tar'lakahn
Dark Templar Tar'lakahn

so if your reading but not voteing, CMON TIE VOTE NOW!)

{other text adventures so far that i know of will be placed here in an edit as soon as i find them

found them!

Founder of the text adventure idea and his complete story here, for the conclusion you will have to go for part 4 link but it is finished
Zorca's Text Adventure

>on a side note bout Zorca's, his was moved to Joeyray's by blizz staff, so i think it was a small flagship for joey's

Next person to continue and enhance the format of the text adventure, being that Zorca's lost interest for a little bit due to a decision mistake somewhere, his is currently not finished but he is currently takeing votes on how to end it
Pandamonium's Text Adventure

>he has summarized it, can't tell the commands but it is summarized in the first post, to continue you have to read through the pages}
comeon guys DT with psi storm FTW!!!!!!
06/09/2011 08:21 PMPosted by Deathraeil
aww we could do a cloaked ht

06/10/2011 08:32 AMPosted by Galvian
comeon guys DT with psi storm FTW!!!!!!

(he can have some abnormal super-ish powers but i don't know bout THAT kind of power)
I.........freaking love that idea.
Tadasadar was able to master the energies of the dark Templar, But a DT has cut himself off from the Kala so how would he use Psi storm?

Although a DT who decided to master the energies of the Kala would explain his position as Exector.

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